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Chimney Installation and Repair NJ

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There’s nothing better than building fires in the hearth of your fireplace in those early fall months when the weather first begins to change. Those chilly evenings are the best time to bring that wonderful earthy smell into your home and use the fireplace as a source of ambiance and warmth.

Brick, like other masonry products, loses its integrity over time. If your chimney’s masonry decays over time – the bricks begin to crumble or birds and squirrels have come to roost, your chimney will quickly fall into disrepair.

Preserving your fireplaces aesthetic, keeping your family safe and insuring your fireplaces functionality is in top-notch condition, A1Everlast, repairs, cleans and relines chimneys in New Jersey.

A simple, but key, inspection will enable our qualified technicians to ascertain your chimney’s need. Whether it is a simple brick repair or a full replacement liner, we are poised to meet your needs.

Regardless of your chimney need albeit cleaning or a major repair, A1 Everlast can help. Our licensed and insured technicians are ready to service your chimney needs in Bergen, Passaic, Union, Essex, Morris, and Hudson counties n New Jersey. Call us today 888-399-0955.


Chimney Relining

Your flue liner keeps dangerous by-products like creosote and gases out of your home.

Chimney Repair

Sine your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements, it need frequent repair to stay in safe, working condition.

Chimney Capping

A cap keeps natural elements like leaves, rain, animal pests, and even cold weather out of your home.

Chimney Damper Replacement/Repair

Your damper should shut properly to keep nature’s elements out an open properly to let gases and smoke escape.