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Category: Siding


What are the Best and Worst Types of Siding, and Why?

Your home’s siding is important. In fact, there’s an argument that nothing is more important in terms of your home’s structural integrity and long-term value. Siding is your first line of defense against the elements—including wind, rain, hail and falling branches. It also defines the aesthetic value of your property. Quality siding that fits your…


Siding Selection: What Are Your Options?

Too often, homeowners ignore their siding, not realizing that worn-out siding can affect the appearance of their home. Does your siding look washed up, bland? Does algae grow on it? Perhaps it’s time to replace it. You can find just about any type of siding for your New Jersey home. However, the most significant factor…

NJ Siding Repair

7 Signs that You Need a NJ Siding Repair Expert

Your home’s outward appearance depends a lot on several factors. So while landscaping, flowers, and overall curb appeal keep your exterior looking beautiful, none of those aspects are as important to keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter like your vinyl or aluminum siding. But what happens as time wears on, and siding…