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Category: Window Replacement

man installing mosquito net wire mesh on house window

How To Prepare For My Window Installation

There is no need to empty the space completely as long as the crew has easy access when working around the area. It is also important to cover your sofas and other delicate items such as electronics to protect them from dust that will be created during the process. Remove Your Window Treatments Takedown any…

windows and doors styles

Are Anderson Windows Better Than Pella or Marvin?

Anderson Window offers quality products at competitive prices and is willing to work with you on any custom projects you may have. This brand has been in business since 1954. The company is a leading manufacturer of windows for homes and businesses, and they offer products that range from vinyl to hardwood. Pella Windows Pella…

open plastic vinyl window on a background blue sky

Best Home Window Replacement Brands In 2021

Among the window lines is a type of window that is soundproof in areas with lots of background noise. Another line is aluminum windows, known for their simple and modern look. Their windows are made with thin frames, purposefully for the minimalists. For a more upgraded look, the company has wood-clad fiberglass to withstand bad…

Woman sitting on brown wooden window frame

How Long Do Wooden Window Frames Last?

Factors That Affect How Long Your Wooden Windows Last When you decide to install wooden windows, you want to ensure that they can last for as long as possible. Lucky for you, the information you get in this article will help you not leave anything to chance. While new timber frames are quite durable and…

Construction Worker Installing New Windows In House

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

In case your furniture and other things in your house are fading due to their closeness to the windows, then it is a good time to add this coating. It is very thin and virtually invisible hence should not scare you into thinking that your windows might become opaque because of this metallic layer. Better…