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3 Ways to Minimize Gutter Repairs and Maintenance

Of all the expenses that problems that sneak up on homeowners, gutter repairs and maintenance is often one of the most frustrating. On one hand, gutters seem like a very basic feature that shouldn’t break down. However, gutters work hard throughout the seasons, transferring water from your roof and directing it away from your home. When this vital function isn’t being performed properly, all sorts of problems can arise, from mold problems to foundation damage.

But homeowners still don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on gutters. To that end, here are three key ways to minimize gutter repairs and maintenance.

1. Stay on top of things

The main reason why so many gutter repair situations get out of hand is that small problems are allowed to “compound” and get worse over time. This could be anything from a bad fastener to a crack in the gutter itself. Instead of addressing these problems correctly and preventing them from getting any worse, people often leave it for next year. The downside to this approach is that the repairs or upgrades needed may become more costly as a result of “putting off” repairs until later. An annual (or bi-annual) inspection is a great way to scan for any irregularities or problems in your gutter system.

2. Stick with professional methods

Another problem with gutter repairs and maintenance is that there are so many DIY repair kits out there. Obviously, some of these work fine as a temporary solution, and may even solve the problem for a couple of years in some cases. Generally though, a lot of DIY gutter repairs are high ineffective and cause more trouble than they’re worth in the long term. Gutters seem like a very simple feature of the home, and it’s tempting to try and address any issues by yourself. Turning to a professional, however, is a great way to definitely address gutter repair and maintenance problems, so that you aren’t tinkering with your gutters year after year, trying to keep them in working order.

3. Out with the old, in with the new

It’s amazing how much time and money people spend making piecemeal repairs to old gutters that have been falling apart from years. Obviously, when something goes wrong with your gutter system, your first thought will be making a repair rather than stripping the old gutters and installing a totally new system. However, there are many instances in which the old gutters are simply too worn down and outdated. It’s difficult to justify spending any more time or money on making them work properly. In such cases, switching to a brand new gutters can be a huge relief. Of course it requires an initial investment, but the idea is that money and time are saved over the long term.

Call a reputable professional

There are plenty of companies out there offering gutter maintenance, gutter repair, and new gutter installation services. Not all of them have the same level of experience and professionalism. Look carefully at the contractors in your area and pick out the most reputable ones to consider for your gutters. Over the long term, you’ll be happy you did.