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chimney inspector checking the chimmey

Chimney Inspection Facts

If you are planning to purchase a home or want to maintain your existing chimney, you will need to hire a chimney inspector to ensure it is working optimally. This part of the article gives you things you need to know about chimney inspection. A Chimney Should Be Inspected at Least Once a Year The…

new stone masonry walls

What are the Total Types of Stone Masonry?

The stone selection for the work depends on stone availability and the benefits of the structure. Common stones used for this kind of construction include marble, granite, limestone, and many more. Mortar Mortar is the binding material used in stone masonry. Lime and cement combined with water and sand help form the masonry mortar. Factors…

Luxurious home design with modern curb appeal

How Often Should House Siding Be Replaced?

Wood siding is a very popular material among homeowners due to its versatility. It offers a great look at a relatively good price. Wood is not just about looks because it offers impressive longevity. To ensure it lasts long enough, you must inspect your wood siding on a regular basis for evidence of mold, pests,…

Installation of siding on the walls of the house.

What are the Best and Worst Types of Siding and Why?

Wood There’s no arguing with natural wood as a classic siding option. It looks beautiful, is completely natural, and often becomes more appealing as it ages. Due to these reasons, wood siding is quite common among homeowners. It is commonly used for bungalows and cottage exteriors. However, to enjoy these benefits, you have to choose…

A worker installs panels beige siding on the facade

What Size Nails Do You Use For Pine Siding?

The nails you use for this task should be resistant to rust. Hot-dipped galvanized nails are preferred but stainless steel ones can still do a good job. It is recommended that the nails have spiral shanks or a ring because smooth nails tend to easily pop out. Apart from these, the nails you use should…

Woman sitting on brown wooden window frame

How Long Do Wooden Window Frames Last?

Factors That Affect How Long Your Wooden Windows Last When you decide to install wooden windows, you want to ensure that they can last for as long as possible. Lucky for you, the information you get in this article will help you not leave anything to chance. While new timber frames are quite durable and…