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Roofer posing slate on a roof

Repair Or Replace My Roof?

Although most of these damages may seem easy enough to DIY, it is always recommended to hire a qualified roofing company or contractor to ensure it is properly fixed. A roof repair involves working on a specific isolated portion of your roof and may include patching up small gaps and holes or replacing missing or…

wall shear building masonry

What is the Masonry Shear Wall Buildings?

The strength of this type of structure comes from these vertical columns, which can withstand lateral pressure against them, but not horizontal forces. Masonry buildings have been around for centuries providing a robust form of building without requiring expensive long-span trusses. Masonry shear wall buildings are designed to withstand seismic activity by using reinforced concrete…

Chimney sweep wishing good fortune with a rusty horseshoe

Do Gas Fireplaces Need Chimney Cleaning?

Homeowners who own wood-burning fireplaces are aware of the need to have their chimneys cleaned and inspected. Burning wood produces visible combustion byproducts that are hard to ignore once you see the soot and creosote buildup inside your chimney. However, gas fireplaces do not produce visible soot-like wood-burning fireplaces. Instead, they can deposit corrosive substances…