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Top 7 Reasons to Install a Chimney At Home

A chimney is a system comprising of a fireplace, and a hollow vertical long tube that directs excess hot gases from the fireplace out of the home. Sometimes the gases could comprise of carbon, if the fireplace uses fossil fuels such as coal to warm the house. At the top most of a chimney, outside the house is a chimney cap. Chimneys are very popular with homes located in the very cold regions and have now gained popularity in most homes for various reasons. This article looks at top seven main reasons to install a chimney at home.

  1. Warming the House

The fire from the brining wood at the fireplace gives extra warmth to the house. This is very beneficial especially when there is a blackout. Again, you do not have to rely on the heater for warmth during the cold winter season. This will save you a lot of money with the utility bills. The material used to make the chimney, especially brick, keeps the home warm; some time even after the fire is out.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

With a chimney in place, you do not have to rely on the heater provided by the utility company for heating your house during the cold season. The chimney provides enough heat that you and your family need. You can also roast marshmallows on sticks and hot dogs as well as placing a kettle full of water for coffee, over the fire. In addition, you can do any type of cooking, just like on a cooking stove. This saves you money with the utility bills since you do not have to rely on gas for cooking.

  1. Adds Value to Your Home

With rising popularity for chimneys, most homebuyers will most likely look out for a chimney when purchasing a home. If your home has a chimney in place, you stand more advantaged than those that do not have one. A potential buyer is more likely to choose your home as their dream home. In addition to this, they will most likely buy the home at your asking price.

  1. Aeration

A fireplace produces gases that are not only uncomfortable, but also poisonous and pose a serious risk to your health as well as that of your family, especially if your fireplace uses fossil fuels such as coal to warm your house. The carbon and smoke are lost into the atmosphere outside the house through the chimney. Furthermore, odors and lingering smells from your cooking are let out of the house through the chimney.  At the same time, the chimney lets in fresh air into the house, leaving your house all fresh.

  1. A Unifying Factor

A fireplace has traditionally been used to bring people together. For example, during Christmas, it is traditional for families to gather around the fireplace to enjoy the warmth of the fire while they chat, tell stories or eat. You can also have friends come over and share meals as you talk. This is a moment to die for and it does not come often.

  1. Revitalized Romance

A fireplace reignites a feeling of romance. You will experience more romance by lying on the mat by the fireplace, as you and your loved one tell stories while cuddling. Alternatively, you could sit on a couch around the chimney, as you both sip some wine and the family dog lies on the mat, just close to your feet. This is a priceless moment and does not leave your love life the same as it used to be.

  1. Eco Friendly

Most home heating systems provided by utility companies use fossil fuels to heat. These are usually not environmentally friendly. In addition, they produce poisonous carbon that is not only harmful for human inhalation, but are also a major pollutant that takes the lion’s share as far as climate change is concerned. A firewood chimney on the hand only produces smoke, which is free of carbon. Wood is easily accessible especially if you have several trees on your property. This is more eco-friendly than a heater that relies on electricity or fossil fuels to warm the house.

With these benefits, it is the high time you called a chimney company to have your chimney installed. Several companies specialize in chimney installation and you can go online to check their reviews and ratings so that you pick the best. They will also advise you on the versatile chimney designs and help you choose one that suits your taste.