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Three Questions to Ask Your Roofing Repair Specialist

Roof repair is one of those things that almost always comes up unexpectedly. Very few people budget for this kind of work — and yet, it’s something that almost all American homeowners will have to deal with sooner or later. It would be nice if the average roof lasted as long is the average asphalt driveway, for example, with very little need for maintenance. But in reality, even the highest quality roof will show signs of wear and tear eventually. And when this happens, repair is generally not something you want to put it off for very long. You’re suddenly going to find yourself in a position where you need to research roof repair specialists in your area, adjust your household budget to accommodate this is vital repair work, and eventually sign on the dotted line to have your roof professionally repaired.

But when this happens, you can put yourself in a much better position if you know what questions to ask. In fact, it’s better to ask these questions before you actually enter into a contract with a roofing repair specialist.

1. How long have you been doing this?

When it comes to repairing roofs, there are a lot of variables and a lot of things to factor in. The shade of the roof, the materials used, the age of the house, the local weather systems and seasons — these just a few of the things a good roofer will learn from experience. That’s not to say that a relatively new roofing company can’t do a good job. But if a company does not have experienced leadership, they will effectively be learning on the job at your expense.

2. Why is your bid higher (or lower) than the competition?

Cost and budget are of course central considerations for homeowners faced with unexpected roofing issues. But is the lowest bid always the smartest one? Not necessarily. An unusually low bid could reflect a lack of experience or even a poor reputation in the community. On the other hand, a disreputable company might bid high, hoping to get as much money from each client as they possibly can. For these reasons, it’s important to compare roof repair costs from a few different competitors — and to ask each how they arrived at their estimate.

3. How long can I expect the repair to last?

No roofer will be able to tell you with pinpoint precision how long you can expect your repairs to last — but real professionals should be able to get fairly close. One advantage to working with a reputable roofing professional is the objective advice you receive. Your roofer knows you want the best results and the most economic solution over the long-term. Any advice they give you should reflect this.

Putting the best solution in place

When you deal with roofing repair, you want it to find the right solution and be done with it. Once it’s done, you want it to be off your plate for along time. That’s why it’s important to seek a quality, proven professional who tackles every repair in a way that stands the test of time.