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What are the Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Single glazed windows have a knack of making the house feel exceedingly cold during the winter months and very hot in the summer. They are very susceptible to breakage and noise can easily penetrate through them and into the house. This is why many homeowners usually choose double glazed windows. These are uPVC frames with panes of glass and some space in between the two. However, are the double glazed windows really worth the hype and are they vital and instrumental? This article discusses the top 5 benefits of double glazed windows. These benefits should help you make a decision when deciding whether to acquire and install double glazed windows.

  1. Soundproofing and Noise Reduction

This can be attributed to the fact that double glazed windows are thicker thus enhancing their effectiveness in the regulation and subsequent reduction of external noise that enters your home. The noise reduction may tend to vary based on the type of pane that is installed but there is guaranteed 50% noise reduction regardless of the kind of pane used. They are therefore quite fitting for people who live in very noisy areas such as airports and busy towns or industrial cities. More so, they can help to control and filter the noise emanating from your neighbors including any possible pets with incessant noises. A quiet and serene home is a very essential factor, as it ensures that you are comfortable and focused. You can also get very good sleep if your home is quiet and properly guarded from the penetration of any external noises.

  1. Better Security and Safety

Double glazed windows cannot be easily broken into and they are quite tough to forcefully open and access from the outside. Therefore, there is enhanced safety and any thieves and burglars are easily kept at bay because they cannot be able to break in with consummate ease, as may be the case with single glazed windows. Any possible thief cannot break into the house since as he thinks he has succeeded to break in, he encounters another layer of a windowpane. More so, any children in the household are also well protected since the windows are very resilient thus culminating into the reduction of any children related accidents, which are very common in balconies. Double glazed windows also ensure that you will be saved from the misery of having to replace windowpanes frequently.

  1. Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Double glazed windows are well famed for their insulation properties compared to single-paned glasses. They are pivotal in the regulation of adverse low and high temperatures thus enhancing the comfort of your home. They aid to remedy the futility of single glazed windows, which allow cold air to become warm. This means a significant reduction in the level of heat that duly enters or leaves your house. This is because they ensure that there is proper and successful regulation of the air. Therefore, the AC does not strain anymore hence simultaneously making sure that the electricity bills do not rise and spiral out of control. The air conditioner does not have to be adjusted to reach very high temperatures in your household hence lowering the energy consumption.

  1. Reduction of Interior Fading and Condensation

Double glazed windows reduce the amount of heat that is penetrating the house interior thus guarding your furniture against exposure to excessive amounts of heat. This reduces any potential interior fading. Similarly, they reduce any condensation from the inside since double glazed windows are systemically designed to make sure the inner pane is insulated from the outside one. The moisture that readily condenses on the panes is also effectively reduced, ensuring the droplets that wet the curtains and interiors are kept at bay.

  1. Increased Property Value

Based on all the aforementioned benefits of double glazed windows, it is prudent to say that there is also a very huge increase in the value of your home. Therefore, if you decide to sell your home, you can get a very good deal when you have double glazed windows installed. They are therefore decent contributors to the overall value of your home, as they make it look very sleek and quite exquisite.

This article has enumerated and discussed the advantages of having double glazed windows. It is succinctly clear that they are numerous. Double glazed windows help with noise reduction, energy efficiency, and security. They also go a long way in boosting the overall value of your home. With these many benefits, you should definitely consider double glazed windows when looking to install window panes in your home.