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What are the Benefits of Replacing Old Windows in a Home?

Due to normal wear and tear of aging, windows, no matter the quality, will at some point need a replacement.

When too old, windows develop warps, gaps and cracks, all of which may have dire effects on your energy bills, beyond the mere reduction of aesthetic appeal.

From noise reduction, enhanced aesthetics, healthier life, energy efficiency, and convenience to environmental sustainability, old window replacement can change your life in ways you have never envisioned.

This article explores the many benefits that accrue from old-windows replacement. 

Noise Reduction

When we talk about noise, it may not really make sense, especially for people living in the suburbs.

Window Replacement in NJ

However, for people living near transport installations like subways, roads and airports, factories and construction sites, noise pollution can be a nuisance especially when someone wishes to take a nap. Modern windows come with tri-layered panes, where air or gas like argon is compressed in between them. Besides creating an extra barrier of defense against elements, the tri-layered panes make the windows soundproof. This means less disturbance from the exterior and the neighboring rooms.  

Enhanced Aesthetics

Amongst the main benefits to reap from replacement is enhanced aesthetics. Modern windows are made from high quality beautiful designs and styles that suffice the existing architecture and preferences. Because of enhanced aesthetics, the value of your property also improves. Even though they may come priced a couple tens or hundreds of dollars higher than the old ones, new modern windows are worth every penny invested. This is especially true at the property resale time. The new modern windows will attract a higher asking price and will easily catch the eye of a potential homebuyer. 

Healthier Living Condition

The cracks and gaps found in old windows can be a safe haven for the breeding of germs and allergens, all of which are detrimental to the health of your family and pets. To combat this problem before it stretches your financial and health strains, manufacturers ensure complete insulation and sealing thereby eliminating cracks and gaps. This leaves no space for germs and allergens such as mold to thrive, and your family is safe from diseases and allergies. 

Energy Efficiency

When your utility bills take a sudden surge, among the areas to consider checking is your insulation. The gaps and cracks on windows are not only a nuisance from cold and dust, but they can also inflate your power bills. During winter, your heating equipment will be overworked to provide you with a comfortable indoor warm environment. During hot summers, your AC will overwork to provide your family with a comfortable indoor cool environment. 

To prevent this scenario, modern windows are manufactured with precision and attention to details. They are completely sealed to eliminate drafts that would otherwise inflate energy bills. The tri-layer mechanism and use of low-E coatings help reflect heat back inside in cold winters and outside during warm summers. This helps to maintain optimum indoor temperatures, thereby contributing to energy efficiency. 

Environmental Sustainability

With the effects of climate change becoming more severe each day that passes, there is a global campaign on incorporating environmental sustainability into our daily undertakings. Modern windows are manufactured from recycled materials such as carbon fiber, without compromising on quality. This translates to less degradation of the environment in search of natural resources that were relied upon in making old windows. Moreover, their energy efficient characteristics translate to a decrease in your carbon footprint since you need much less energy to run your home. 

Improved Functionality

Old windows come with lots of inconveniences since you are forced to install sheers to prevent the damaging effects of direct UV light. The direct rays can make fabrics and interior paints fade off faster than expected, and indoor plants can dry off. Unlike old ones, modern windows come with low emissivity coatings, which allow occupants to enjoy the maximum benefits of natural light while keeping safe from the adverse effects of UV light. 

With all these benefits, what could possibly be your reason to continue living with old and torn windows? Since you are torn between replacing them or not, don’t you and your family deserve an appealing and more functional home? However, all these benefits can remain just a dream if you do not buy quality windows from trusted manufacturers and have them installed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. Thorough evaluation of customer feedback and ratings, industry certifications, insurance and license of operation can help land a great professional.