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Essex County Contractor NJ

Essex County is a very diverse and highly-populated region of New Jersey; in fact it is the 14th most densely populated county in the United States. We provide a full line of services for this area.

The communities in the eastern portion of Essex County are abundant and rather close together, which at times, making their needs different from other areas in the county that are more spread out. Despite this contrast, our contractors are able to adapt and cater to the needs of your neighborhood.

Close neighbors? Smaller yard? Not a problem! Space restrictions do not impact the quality of our work, our team will work with you and design a plan that fits your home and your property.

There are services that you may want to consider should you live in a highly populated area or in close proximity to your neighbors. For instance, approximately 30% of American homes use fireplaces and nearly 22,000 fires per year are started from them. Creosote, a by-product of burning, coats the insides of chimneys and catches fire. Living in close proximity to your neighbors may mean your home could be affected by a house fire. Be sure your chimney is cleaned and operational to insure the safety of your home and that of your neighbors’. Chimney inspection and cleaning is one of the many preventative services offered here at A1 Everlast.

We realize chimney cleaning is a daunting and dirty task, and it is also quite easy to forget about, despite its importance when it comes to safety. We recommend you have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually. If you’re looking for an Essex County contractor, look no further, A1 Everlast is here to help.

Contractor Services in Essex County NJ

For every service we deliver, our goal is to help your home look as beautiful as possible while it keeps your family or business safe. Trust our certified technicians to complete any of these jobs: