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Asphalt shingle. Decorative bitumen shingles on the roof of a brick house. Fence made of corrugated metal.

Top 7 Best Roofing Materials For Hot Climates

Unlike other roofing systems, slate roofs can last for a very long time, as they require very little maintenance. Although slate roofs are beautiful and unique, they are quite expensive to install making it less ideal for an average homeowner. Metal Metal roofs are a good choice for people who live in hot climates. They…

Metal sheet for industrial building and construction

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

A properly installed metal roof can last as long as the house and is often backed up with a manufacturer warranty of between 30 and 50 years. A metal roof can withstand the elements and harsh weather conditions without losing its grip. Unlike other roofing materials, they do not require periodic costly maintenance as long…

3D Illustration of a house on a white background, with the isolation work path included in the file.

What is the Average Cost of Siding a House?

The average cost is highly influenced by the quality of the siding that you opt for. A limited and restricted budget will only get you a poor quality siding. This translates to the acquisition of a siding that is not durable hence susceptible to wear and tear. It will also have minimal aesthetic appeal. A…

a large house with a strong roof in an expensive community

Why Having a Strong Roof is Important

It is obvious that your roof connects your inner home to the outside world. It therefore guards you against the extreme conditions emanating from adverse weather such as rain and snow. These natural elements could prove to be fatal in case your roof is very frail, leading to calamitous consequences. This includes leaks, mold, and…

Top 7 Best Roof Design Types to Consider

A pyramid roof design does not have vertical sides and works great for smaller buildings like cabins and bungalows. They are very durable in areas that are prone to high winds and hurricanes. Pyramid roof designs are not commonly seen on homes because they are expensive to build and the costs of installation may vary…