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fiber cement and vinyl siding

What Is Better Vinyl Siding or Fiber Cement?

Vinyl siding is made from a rigid plastic material known as PVC and is installed in a manner that allows expansion and contraction during fluctuations in temperature. Major Differences between Vinyl Siding and Fiber Cement Durability Both fiber cement and vinyl siding are durable exterior cladding options when compared with wood. However, fiber cement is…

3d armchairs and fireplace

Which is the Best Chimney Sunflame or Glen?

Sunflame is a chimney brand that has established its presence in most Indian kitchens for three decades. Sunflame Enterprises Private Limited registered in Delhi, India manufactures it. This chimney brand makes cooking a luxurious and enjoyable experience with its latest technology and continuous pursuit of great customer experience. Sunflame always explores the possibility of new…

Rear Yard Patio With Lounge Chairs

What Are the Benefits of Houses with Sloped Roofs?

The natural ventilation under the top roof layer improves the thermal efficiency of the building. This leads to optimal indoor temperatures that provide much-needed comfort during summer and winter. Sloped roofs preserve energy because they allow natural ventilation between the outer roof layer and the interior flat layer. This eliminates cold and damp air from…

Group of worker installing tar foil on the rooftop of building.

How Many Layers of Roof is Best?

It is generally acceptable to have even three layers of roof shingles but you need to confirm whether this is possible in your state. One thing that you have to do is check that your house is able to withstand the extra weight from the new roof layers. In some states, you may be required…

gardener renew roof of summer garden house with tar paper shingles

Which Kind of Roofing is Best For Your House?

Asphalt roofs are made up of a fiberglass medium packed with asphalt and surfaced with sand-like granules. It comes in two basic configurations, the thicker laminated products, and standing single-thickness variety. Asphalt shingles are ideal for low or steeper-sloped roofs, affordable to install, and considered a Class A fire-resistant roofing product. They can easily adapt…