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Hudson County Contractor NJ

Because of our broad offering of services, we are a leading Hudson County contractor.

This area is very unique to the other surrounding counties and towns that we service due to its close proximity to rivers and bodies of water.

The Hudson River, Upper New York Bay, Newark Bay and Passaic River are the bodies of water that impact Hudson County, and approximately 25% of the total 62.31 square miles of this area is water. A high concentration of water in your area can cause slightly raised humidity levels, and this moisture can greatly impact your home.

Hudson County NJ

If your siding is old, damaged, or even improperly assembled, humidity may penetrate the exterior of your home affecting the insulation, temperature and even allowing for the growth of mold or algae.

Also, due to the high water content, the soil here is Class E meaning it is much softer than the ground found in other locations throughout the state. Because of this softer, more clay-like subsurface, masonry work that is done often does not endure or prevail as well as possible.

It takes experience, precision, and a comprehensive understanding of foundation in order to successfully construct quality masonry work in areas with a softer ground; and that’s exactly what we have here at A1 Everlast.

Our technicians consider all aspects of your home and property to insure any potential issues are avoided.

We are experienced with working in any challenging environment and our expertise enables us to not only provide work that fits the look and style of your home but also lasts for years to come!

Contractor Services in Hudson County NJ

For every service we deliver, our goal is to help your home look as beautiful as possible while it keeps your family or business safe. Trust our certified technicians to complete any of these jobs:

Proudly Servicing all Towns in Hudson County NJ

East Newark, Kearny, Harrison, Seacaucus, North Bergen, Guttenberg, West New York, Union City, Weehawken, Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne