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Morris County Contractor NJ

Similar to Passaic County, Morris County is predominantly within The Highlands region of New Jersey; this means the dense population of trees and drastic changes in elevation from the hills and mountains can pose both gutter and even drainage problems for many homeowners. Our technicians are experienced in insuring that your home drainage system (leaders and gutters) is cleaned and unclogged,  which in the long term can even save you some roofing issues as neglected gutter build up allows debris to sit at the base and edges of your roof. Clogged, dirty gutters are also a haven for breeding mosquito, and last, without proper drainage, the overflow will eventually affect your foundation and may cause flooding or water damage.

Morris County Park

Improper pitches on a roof can create an uneven distribution of water, which can cause weight issues during heavy rainfall. Also, when identifying masonry needs, A1 Everlast consider your home’s elevation as well as any slopes in your property. These steps insure that your retaining walls, patios and walkways not only work aesthetically, but functionally as well. Being a successful Morris County contractor requires versatility and experience, A1 has exactly that, making us one of the leading contractors in the area.

Our technicians enjoy the diversity of their work and hold themselves to the highest standards as a leading Bergen County contractor. At A1 Everlast we pride ourselves in staying relevant when it comes to new processes, materials or techniques.

A Little About Bergen County NJ

Approximately 10% of New Jersey’s population resides in Bergen County. Situated in the northeastern part of the state, Bergen County was one of the first four original counties of New Jersey.

The county seat in Bergen County is in Hackensack and is situated in the middle of the almost 30 mile area. In 2009 Bergen County ranked 16th among the highest income counties in the United States in terms of per-capita income.

Contractor Services in Morris County NJ

For every service we deliver, our goal is to help your home look as beautiful as possible while it keeps your family or business safe. Trust our certified technicians to complete any of these jobs: