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Passaic County Contractor NJ

A1 Everlast has served Passaic County for many years, providing quality services in a variety of fields. Our A1 trucks are always driving along Route 287 or Route 80 traveling to and from to many different jobs in the area. Passaic is a geographically diverse county, as the northern portion is part of The Highlands, containing higher elevations, harder rock, and more mountains. The southern portion of Passaic County is in The Piedmont Plateau, where the soil, in some areas is softer and often clay-like. Despite this difference, we excel at catering to each areas specific needs.

Parts of Northern Passaic County are heavily wooded, and as we all know, fall time in New Jersey means lots of leaves.

Passaic County Park

Passaic County, New Jersey, is where we began and are housed. As a Passaic County contractor with a long-term residency here, we understand the differences in each area of the county and can create the ideal masonry, gutter cleaning and construction service based on the needs you have.

A Little About Passaic County

Established in 1837, Passaic County from sections of its neighboring counties – Bergen and Essex.

Some of the county’s landmarks include the Great Falls and Lambert Castle. The man-made Morris Canal runs through northern New Jersey and connected the Delaware River with the Hudson River to transport goods and people throughout out the state.

Passaic County has a population of 501,226 people and is situated on 445,000 acres. The county seat resides in Paterson.

Contractor Services in Passaic County NJ

For every service we deliver, our goal is to help your home look as beautiful as possible while it keeps your family or business safe. Trust our certified technicians to complete any of these jobs