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Tile Roofing

As a reputable local roofing company, A1 Everlast offers tile roof systems that are completely customized for either commercial or residential properties. As an attractive and practical alternative to more standard roofing applications, our licensed roofing specialists are skilled and experienced in adapting the latest tile roof designs with certified installation techniques and qualified tile roof repair.

Explore a Range of Tile Roof Options

Available in a range of limitless design options, today’s tile roofing options offer exceptional durability and energy efficiency that adapts to both cold and warm climates. In addition, A1 Everlast roof technicians offer advanced roofing technology that translates to superior protection from water infiltration and ice damage.

Red tiled roof with dormer
With an advanced interlocking system that can be tailored to any roof surface, clients may choose from elegant and durable tile roof shingles available in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes for impressive architectural stylishness that is unmatched by other roofing options.

Spanish Roof Tiles

Spanish roof tiles are a form of “barrel roof tile” that has a wavy “S” shape. When it comes to tile roofing, these roof tiles create one of the most commonly recognized tile roof designs. A distinctive pattern of ripples across the roof.

Mission Roof Tiles

Mission roof tiles are sometimes called “true barrel tiles.” A mission tile roof system includes separate barrels installed to form alternating concave and convex shapes on the roof. Mission tile roof systems may include curved barrels top and bottom or curved barrels and flat pans. Mission roof tile styles include Greek, Italia, Palm Beach, Tapered Barrel, Straight Barrel, and Roman.

What is Tile Roofing?

Tile roofs are designed for long-term performance. Compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, tile roofing provides the longest track record over the century. Because modern engineering designs are intended to provide natural water shedding and ventilation features, it allows the roofing tiles to be the primary roof covering during warm and cold weather. These modern designs also reduce the chances of ice damming that can be created after a snowstorm.

Colors in the tile roofing industry come from natural resources such as the color mixture of the clay used in clay tiles or from the iron oxide pigments in concrete tiles, both of which are extremely durable. However, a slight downfall that comes into play with tile roofing is that it experiences varying degrees of color softening after being exposed to a certain amount of elements over an extended period of time. However, the difference between other roofing tiles and roofing materials is that this color softening occurs to a lesser degree with clay. When it comes to clay roof tile manufacturers, they have a guarantee that their tiles won’t soften in color for at least 50 years.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Concrete tile materials are more environmentally friendly than other options, as they’re man-made, do not contain chemical preservatives, are 100% recyclable, and are not dependent on natural resources for production. Concrete is also highly reflective and helps to cool the home in hot weather while keeping it warmer in colder weather, which can help homeowners save money on utility costs.


Concrete tiles are long-lasting and durable, lasting up to fifty years or much longer. The concrete tile products A1 Everlast uses are fire-resistant and can withstand wind speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, and are resistant to damage from insects and pests as well.

Weather Resistance

Concrete tile products are built to last in even the harshest of weather conditions. Whether it’s hail, ice, pouring rain, or humid and hot—concrete is tough, durable, and strong, and will stay intact, most likely for as long as you own your home.


Most tile roofing materials like slate or clay can be quite expensive to install. Concrete, on the other hand, is much more affordable and is likely to last just as long as slate or clay—eliminating the likelihood of expensive upkeep over the years.

New Jersey’s Tile Roofing Experts at Smart Exteriors

A1 Everlast has built a name for itself as New Jersey’s leading roofing and exterior remodeling company. We are dedicated to providing smart solutions for home renovations, whether you’re in need of a new roof, a siding replacement, gutter repair, or new windows. With personalized service and customer-first pricing, you can trust A1 Everlast to help you get the home you want at a price you can afford.

For more information about getting started with your next home remodeling project, contact us today at A1 Everlast. Our friendly team of professional contractors is ready to help you find out more about our concrete tile roofing products and installation services and can assist you in planning your next home renovation. To get started, give us a call to speak with a representative now, or fill out our online form to receive an accurate pricing estimate for our services.