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11 Signs Your Roof Is Starting To Fail

As a homeowner, you should monitor the condition of your roof. After all, a healthy roof is essential for protecting the exterior of your home and keeping you safe from weather-related disasters. Unfortunately, roofs do not last forever. Signs of wear and tear can quickly appear due to natural aging or improper installation. The good news is that recognizing potential issues ahead of time will help you take action before small problems become large ones. This article gives you 11 key indicators that your roof might be starting to fail.

Curled and Cracked Shingles

If roof shingles start to crack or curl, you may be on the verge of needing a new roof. When shingles age and hairline cracks start to appear, moisture could seep beneath them and cause major damage. Similarly, curled shingles can cause problems when rain falls. Water can collect on curling sides rather than flowing off as it is meant to do, putting extra strain on your home and leading to rot or rust.

Streaks From Algae And Fungus

Roof repairs old roof replacement with new shingles

Roof repair can help you save some money and time

Having streaks of algae and fungus appear on your roof is an indicator that something is wrong. The growth of these organisms is a strong clue that you need to invest in roof repair urgently. Damage caused by weathering, such as cracks and decay, can lead to considerable water penetration if left unchecked.

Water Dripping from the Roof

A sure sign that your roof might be close to failure is a visible water drip coming from the ceiling when it rains. This means that either your shingles are weak, or there is a crack in your flashing that needs to be addressed quickly before more damage is done.

Ceiling Stains

Ceiling stains can be an unsightly blight in any homeowner’s house, but they can also be much more than that. The presence of ceiling stains is a warning sign that your roof is starting to fail, and if left unchecked could cause major damage to your property. Taking the time to have these stains professionally assessed can greatly reduce the risk of long-term issues, saving you money down the road.

Rust on Roof

Having a rusty means, not only is your roof’s appearance starting to decline, but it may also be structurally weak or near the end of its lifespan. If left unchecked, rust can worsen quickly, as moisture seepage exacerbates the problem, leading to rapid decay. This creates a perfect storm for leaks, cracks and other structural deficiencies in your roofing system.

Cracked Flashing

Roofs experience a great deal of strain when subjected to the elements, and one sign that your roof is starting to fail is cracked flashing near the edges and around openings in the roof such as plumbing vents or chimneys. Cracked flashing can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your roof since cracks are gaps for moisture and cold air to enter your home.

A Structurally Weak Roof

A structurally weak roof is one of the earliest warning signs that your roof may be starting to fail. Such a roof has become damaged by age or by extreme weather conditions and can augur catastrophic consequences if not correctly addressed.

Higher Energy Costs

Higher energy costs can be an indicator that your roof is starting to fail and needs urgent attention. As roofs age, they become more prone to letting in the hot summer sun or the frigid winter winds and require extra effort from your heating and cooling systems. Replacement of worn-out roofing materials can drastically reduce your energy bills as well as prevent structural damage to your property.

Uneven Ceilings

As roofs age, they can experience a variety of wear and tear issues. These issues can cause the ceiling to appear uneven and will generally become more noticeable over time if not addressed.

A Sagging Roof

One of the most obvious and difficult-to-ignore indications that your roof is starting to fail is when you have a sagging roof, which can be caused by weakened shape supports or an uneven surface in the underlying structure.

You Have Repaired it Several Times

If you have repaired your roof several times and it is not getting any better, it could be a sign that it is starting to fail and may be in need of a complete replacement. A roof is a major investment for any homeowner, so it is important to keep an eye out for signs of trouble. If you notice any of the 11 warning signs listed above, be sure to call a qualified roofing contractor right away. Waiting too long to address problems can lead to even more extensive and expensive damage down the road.