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What Is The Difference Between 15 And 30 Year Roof Shingles?

This is a delicate topic when it comes to roofing, where many people are still unable to clearly distinguish between the 15 and 30-year roof shingles. This article shall highlight the major and subtle differences and this shall be done as follows.

  • Thickness

15 year roof shingles are slim and only come in a sole profile whereas 30 year roof shingles are thicker and available in varied profiles. This implies that premised on a calculation made per square feet, 30 year shingles will definitely be bulkier than 15 year roof shingles. The difference or variation can be quite substantial totaling several pounds after an estimate made per 100 square feet.

  • Quality
House with a roof from a bituminous tile.

15 year roof shingles are relatively inferior compared to the 30 year roof shingles and the standard or levels of manufacturing quite advanced with regard to the 30 year roof shingles. A person who is undertaking a long-term project should therefore purpose to acquire the 30 year roof shingles as they offer better value for money and seem classy and opulent. They are not exceedingly pricey hence cannot be deemed as a preserve of the wealthy thus you should never feel barred from acquiring the same if needed.

  • Cost

30 year shingles are much expensive than 15 year roof shingles. Better quality has a certain implication, that the price of the shingles with the superior quality will definitely be higher. It is rational as the investment made is obviously worth it in the long run. Better quality implies increased longevity as clearly explained below.

  • Longevity

Definitively, 30 year roof shingles always last longer than 15 year roof shingles. They are worth the price and necessitate very minimal maintenance work. They eliminate the need of constant replacement due to wear and tear hence rendering them ideal for employment in bigger projects. The amount expended towards the acquisition of the 30 year roof shingles is logical after a proper assessment over an extended period of time. The idea seems feasible and cheaper long term without prejudice to the relatively huge initial cost outlay. Any person who desires to occupy a certain house for a very long time should definitely invest in the 30 year roof shingles whereas 15 year roof shingles can suffice for short term projects albeit being inferior in quality. Arguably, they can still serve the purpose for such minuscule projects.

Manufacturing Material and Resistance

30 year roof shingles are much sturdier as they are made from stronger materials with less emphasis on the eco-friendliness and insistence on the use of recycled materials. 15 year shingles on the other hand are made from more recycled materials, which render them feebler and relatively thin. This means that the 30 year shingles have a huge and better ability to resist adverse natural conditions including other artificially induced conditions such as UV as they have heightened UV resistance.

Usage and Deployment

30 year roof shingles entail a better aesthetic appeal not only due to their better quality but also due to how they are deployed upon installation. They allow for the use of more nails, which explains why they would be stronger and less frail than the 15 year roof shingles while still possessing some very polished edges which ensure that the shingles always seemingly remain to be in pristine and immaculate condition. The 15 year shingles tend to be less adhesive than the 30 year shingles meaning that the latter will always be harder to detach even upon exposure to very hostile elements.

  • Warranty

This is the most important point when distinguishing between these two types of shingles. 30 year roof shingles usually have a longer warranty hence shielding you from loss. A better and longer warranty is pivotal to guard you from loss hence ensuring that the shingles installed will not incur you more upon any incidence of loss or havoc. The 30 year shingles are much preferable as a professional will also install them and in strict adherence and conformity to the manufacturers’ specifications to ensure that the warranty terms will not be violated thus possibly rendering it void.

  • Resale Value

The 30 year roof shingles aid to increase the value of the home and its subsequent resale value. Many buyers and real estate agents have set a minimum of 25 year roof shingles when selling and buying houses due to the huge losses associated with anything below that stipulated range. It is only imperative that you opt and settle for that which does not diminish the resale value of your home.

The aforementioned has helped to make a proper and clear distinction amongst the two hence you stand to be properly guided on the best roof shingle for your house. If you are still confused, be sure to reach out to an expert for assistance on the best shingles to install.