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3 Reasons to Consider New Windows Right Now

When you think of the most exciting home renovation you could undertake, what comes to mind? Everybody will have a different answer, but there are a lot of common ones. Kitchens and bathrooms are often at the top of the list, since these rooms are among the most commonly used in the home. Converting to an open living plan, or converting a basement or attic to a new living area, are also very common choices.

Now let’s talk about the choices that probably won’t be on your list of exciting home renovations. New siding is probably one. New roofing is another. These are renovations that are definitely necessary when the time comes, yet they don’t provide the “wow factor” and excitement that people want when thy think about investing thousands in renovation their homes.

Windows are another renovation that often fall into this “unexciting” category – but do they deserve better? Few homeowners get fired up with they think about buying and installing new windows, especially considering the fact that a significant investment is required. However, windows aren’t just a purely functional or “necessary” upgrade. They actually offer a surprising amount of aesthetic value – just ask anyone who has recently had their windows replaced.

If you’re on the fence about new window, here are three reasons to consider them now.

1. They look amazing

New windows are one of those things that absolutely surprise people when they see the aesthetic different for themselves. You’ve been looking at those old windows and window frames for an awfully long time, and it’s easy to forget about them. But when the new glass goes in, you can’t believe how fresh and clear it looks – not to mention the beauty of new frames. It can make your entire home look newer and better maintained.

2. They can lower your energy bill

This is a huge reason to put new windows at the top of your list. Massive amounts of heating and cooling energy are lost each year through old or improperly maintained windows. By replacing them with brand windows, you get the amazing benefit of lower heating and cooling costs, due to the tighter seal created by fresh window installation and modern materials.

3. They improve your home’s market value

New windows may not be the single most exciting thing in home improvement, but they actually go a long way in terms of increasing your home’s market value and buyer appeal. Whether or not you’re thinking about seling in the near future, new windows are a smart investment.

Where do you turn for quality advice on new windows?

There are obviously numerous contractors in your area who will be happy to give you a bid for new windows; but you’ll want to be careful about this choice. Only the most reputable contractors are qualified to give you the best advice about new windows; and this is one investment where you don’t want to make any serious mistakes. Follow the trail of positive reviews and years of experience in replacing windows. If you do this, you’re sure to find a contractor who does the job right.