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3 Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

A big part of being a homeowner is learning how to manage the risks, and learning how to minimize the long-term costs of maintaining a home. This is a process – it’s something that only experience can teach. On the other hand, using the experience of other homeowners is a valuable tool. The more information we have as homeowners, the more we’re able to make informed decisions about critical aspects of the home.

Roofing is a great example of this, because the roof is such a vital part of the home – and yet, problems tend to creep up on people over time. You might decide not to have your roof inspected this year, and the year after that, because there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong. At some point, you realize there are problems with the roof – and that the problems have been developing for some time. This is a common story amongst homeowners.

When it comes to keeping your roof in good shape, and minimizing the long-term expensive of maintaining your roof, here are five common pitfalls to avoid.

1. Skipping roof inspections

We’ve already mentioned this one, and it’s first on the list for good reason. Professional roof inspections are a relatively low-cost endeavor, yet they provide a huge return in terms of insight, knowledge about the state of your roof, and predictive maintenance. Knowing for a fact that your roof is in good shape is much different than assuming or hoping that everything is fine – a local professional should be able to provide that knowledge quickly, easily and cheaply.

2. Ignoring necessary repairs

If you discover problems with your roof – whether on your own or as a result of a professional inspection – taking action is important. Nobody wants to hear that hundreds or even thousands of dollars need to be spent on unexpected roofing repairs. It’s important, however, to look at the big picture. Addressing a small problem now will be far cheaper in the long run than ignoring it, allowing it to develop, and paying a bigger price down the line. If there’s any doubt that the advice you’re getting from a contractor is legitimate, don’t hesitate to call a different contractor for a second opinion before you make any major decisions.

3. Choosing a contractor without doing your research

Inspecting, repairing and installing a high-quality roof involves a complex set of skills, and lot of training, and a wealth of experience. The fact is that not all roofing contractors have the same skill or experience level, and this is directly reflected in the quality of work they do. There are even people operating as roofers who don’t have the requisite licensing and insurance to be operating. Your first order of business, as you look for a roofer to perform inspections and/or work on your home, is to make sure you’re dealing with a fully licensed and insured business. The second priority is to find a roofing expert who has built a strong reputation in the community, and has generated plenty of positive reviews from past clients.

For more information about roof inspections, repairs, or installation, contact a skilled and qualified roofing specialist in your area.