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3 Types of Windows You Haven’t Considered

When it comes to the aesthetic beauty and livability of the home, windows are a major factor. As a homeowner, the decisions you make about windows can have long-lasting effects. Obviously, the placement and design of windows will decide how much natural light enters the various rooms of the home, and what the lighting will be like at various points throughout the day. Your ability to ventilate the home is also affected, not to mention energy efficiency. Finally, windows have a tangible impact on the curb appeal and interior design of a home.

But for a lot of people, windows are a fairly boring things to invest in. They’re relatively expensive, and they don’t offer the same excitement as kitchen or bathroom renovations. This is often due to the fact that people aren’t aware how many different options actually exist in the world of windows. For example, here are three types of windows you probably haven’t considered.

1. Picture windows

If you live somewhere with nice views, a picture window is a great way to capitalize and make the view more of a feature of your home. Because picture windows consist of one large piece of glass, there is nothing between you and the view. For this reason, picture windows are also a great asset for increasing the amount of natural light in the room. On the downside, picture windows do not open – and therefore do not offer the possibility of ventilation.

2. Bay windows & bow windows

Both of these window designs offer a classic touch to the home. Bay and bow windows involve a protrusion to the home’s exterior, which means that inside the home, more floor space is create and more natural light is allowed in. There are a number of subtle differences between bay and bow windows, but the main difference is that bay windows involve a central picture window with another window to either side, angling back toward the wall of the home. Bow windows have a similar shape, but do not involve a central picture window. Bay windows are the more affordable3 and more popular of the two options.

3. Skylights

You might not think of this is a type of window, but that’s really what it is. Skylights are unique in their ability to bring in natural light from above, which means you get the maximum amount of available daylight coming into the home every day. When neighboring homes are close in either side, for example, it can be tricky to get enough natural light. Skylights are the answer – and the number of stylish and functional designs to choose from will surprise you.

Talk to your local window specialist

Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new property from ground up, windows are an important piece of the puzzle. There’s a lot of information out there, and it helps to find an experienced window specialist who can offer insight. The installation process is also hugely important, and there is a spectrum of quality. Skilled and experienced window installation specialists with strong written guarantees are the best way to go.