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4 Reasons to Consider a Skylight for Your Home

Natural light can make an astonishing difference to the comfort and livability of any interior space. Skylights have been common for a long time, but they’ve recently enjoyed a surge of popularity thanks to new designs, better materials, and more cost-efficient methods of installations. Levels of satisfaction amongst homeowners who invest in skylights are consistently high – provided, of course, that the project is completed by an upstanding professional with the right tools and experience.

1. It brings more light in

The main reason why homeowners choose to install skylights in their homes is to bring more natural light into spaces that are otherwise dim and gloomy. There are obvious aesthetic reasons for this – more daylight makes a room feel larger, for example. There’s also the question of mood and atmosphere. Studies have shown that natural light is an effective way to boost your mood and even be more productive. This can be especially useful during the cold, short days of a New Jersey winter.

It’s also worth noting that in neighborhoods where houses are built close together, too many windows (or windows that are too large) can compromise privacy. Skylights allow homeowners to flood their interior spaces with light without losing any privacy.

2. It (can) provide ventilation

There are many different design concepts for skylights, including vented and un-vented designs. Choosing a vented design brings the obvious benefit of ventilation. In warmer weather, skylights can be opened in conjunction with windows and doors lower down. This results in better air circulation, and the release of warmer air as it rises.

3. It can help you save on energy costs

Sunlight is obviously a natural source of heat, but a lot of homeowners don’t think about increased sunlight as a way to provide natural heat. In fact, the right skylight design can make a significant contribution to your heating needs, resulting in monthly savings. The reduced need for interior lighting can also add up to meaningful savings. In some cases, homeowners don’t want their skylight to affect the temperature in the home at all. New designs make use of special mirroring reflectors that prevent heat gain during the day and heat loss during the night.

4. The design options are limitless

Gone are the times when skylights were limited to basic designs using rudimentary materials. These days, the sky is the limit. Building a skylight solution that enhances the style and architecture of your home is entirely possible, and can even result in better market appeal and valuation. Glazed materials can be used to control the intensity of light entering the room, and manual or automatic shades can be used to cover or reveal skylights.

Looking for the right skylight specialist?

You might have a clear idea of what you want out of a skylight, or you may be considering your options. Finding a trustworthy and experienced skylight installation specialist to guide you will make things a lot easier. The average cost of a skylight varies significantly based on the size and position of the skylight, among other factors. This is another reason to deal only with contractors who have a strong track record of honesty and client satisfaction.