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4 Signs of a Disreputable Roofing Company

Have you ever dealt with a service provider who came to your home, performed some type of repair or service, and made a total mess of things? Maybe they were curt and unfriendly from the start, and then failed to solve the problem you’d called them in to solve. Maybe they cut corners, and you didn’t notice until later. Whatever the case, it’s you are ultimately paying the penalty. Even if the contractor comes back to address a mistake, there’s still the time and inconvenience involved.

This is why online reviews and social media have become such an asset for homeowners in search of products and services. You get a first hand picture of how this contractor did business, directly from people who have hired them. Roofing is a perfect example. If you search for roof repair or new roof installation contractors in your vicinity, you’ll probably note that there are several to choose from. If you live in a big metropolitan area, there might be dozens of companies who are licensed to perform this kind of work. Thanks to the prevalence of online reviews, it’s much easier to sift through those companies and weed out any who have generate consistently negative feedback.

There is sometimes a mediocre or even negative review or two, even if the vast majority of reviews for that particular roofing company are positive. But every review does count. Even reading one negative experience can make it much more difficult to trust that contractor with something as important as your roof.

With that said, it’s good to know some of the basic signs that a roofing contractor is either not the best in your area, or is downright disreputable. It’s rare for a really dishonest contractor to be doing business for any length of time, since they will quickly develop a negative reputation. However, such companies out there.

1. No web site

All reputable roofers have web sites, and the best among them have particularly informative web sites that give you an abundance of information on all aspects of roofing repair and installation.

2. No physical address

Contractors who don’t have a physical business address may not bring the level of professionalism you’re expecting from a professional roofer.

3. Negative reviews

We already touched on this one – a pattern of negative reviews written about a given roofing contractor means that you should take those comments seriously. Your experience could be similar.

4. Unclear pricing structures

Roofing contractors should know that homeowners are on a tight budget, and probably had to re-budget other areas of the household finances in order to pay for the roof repair or new roof. When you talk to a contractor about price, you should be clear on whether the number they give you is a bid or an estimate. You should feel free to seek clear information on what it’s going to cost. The last thing you need is a surprise addition to the bill, either while the project is underway or after it is completed. Pricing structures that don’t make sense or are otherwise unclear are one of the biggest signs of a shady contractor.