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4 Things to Know About Siding Repair

It may not be as exciting as kitchen upgrades or new appliances, but siding truly is one of the most important aspects of the home. It’s your first protection against rain, sleet, wind and snow. It serves a key structural function, but it also plays an important aesthetic role.

Often times, people don’t really think about siding until there’s a problem that can’t be ignored any longer. By then, the cost of fixing the problem may have soared much higher. Is there a better way to approach siding maintenance? What are some commonly misunderstood (or unknown) facts about siding repair that can help prevent and minimize surprise expenses?

1. Your siding may have a lifetime warranty

If you’re not aware of what kind of warranty your siding has, it’s a great idea to find out as soon as possible. That’s because a large number of siding manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for their products. If the siding on your home has not changed since you bought the house, it may take a little digging to find out who the manufacturer is, but it’s well worth it. If your siding is still covered by a warranty, vital repairs might not take anything out of your pocket.

2. Improper cleaning and maintenance can cause damage

Here’s another reason to know exactly what kind of siding is installed on your home: Not cleaning or maintenance your siding the right way can lead to costly damage. Pressure washing is a great example. While this is an effective way to clean certain types of siding, it can be too strong and abrasive in some cases. Establishing a regular schedule of correct maintenance practices for your siding is critical to maximizing its lifespan.

3. Vinyl is among the easiest to replace

There are a lot of potential factors that go into your decision of which type of siding to use for your home, but it’s worth considering “ease of replacement” as you make your decision. One of the reasons why vinyl siding has become so popular is that it can be replaced very easily if sections or pieces of siding are damaged. The majority of DIY siding projects use vinyl, due to the relative ease with which it can be installed by non-professionals.

4. The average siding repair isn’t that expensive

On average, American homeowners pay about $500 for siding repair. Obviously, this depends on the materials involved and the extent of the damage – but making a small investment in siding repair today could prevent a much bigger expensive tomorrow.

A siding installation specialist that knows their stuff

It’s not always easy to find the best siding installation specialist in your area – unless you know what to look for. The most reputable contractors are friendly and prompt in getting back to you. Even if you don’t even up hiring them for their services, they want to offer good advice and demonstrate their professionalism. This plays to your advantage as you look for the best siding repair solutions for your home or business.