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5 Things You Should Know About New Roof Installation

Homeowners who have been through an expensive roof repair are probably the best ones to ask about the importance of high-quality roofing, and the necessity of proper roof maintenance through the seasons. When little problems are allowed to grow over time, they can suddenly turn into serious issues that cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. With roofing, as with many other aspects of the home, a little maintenance every year (or even just a professional maintenance check to make sure there are no issues) truly goes a long way.

A big part of minimizing your roofing costs over the long-term involves knowing when to cash your chips on the old roof structure, and make the investment in a brand new roof. Depending on the style of your home and the type of roof you have, this may never be necessary – but for many people who own the same property for decades, a new roof will enter the conversation sooner or later. When it does, there are a few simple things that are very useful to know.

  1. Roofing materials have evolved

We all know about shingles, metal roofing, slate, clay, and so on. But there are also things like rubber slate, solar tiles, stone-coated steel, and others. Know the best type of roofing for you is about knowing all of the options out there – both established types of roofing and new roofing systems.

  1. Not every professional delivers the same quality of installation

Roofing is like any other professional service in that you will find a spectrum of quality from different contractors. The most reliable contractors are usually those with years of experience and proven success in the community (i.e. excellent customer ratings). It’s also worth making sure that the roofer you hire is a legitimate business with the proper licensure and insurance.

  1. The type of roof you choose can affect the value of your house

It’s no secret that the roof is one of the most important structural features of your home, so it makes sense that the value of your property will be affect by the type and quality of the roofing you invest in.

  1. Guarantees are critical

Roofing materials can be defected; workmanship can also be defective. It’s therefore important to make sure your work is guaranteed, and make sure you understand the nature of the guarantee as written in the contract.

  1. The investment is worthwhile

Roofing may not be as exciting an investment as, say, a kitchen remodel – but it’s more important from a basic structural point of view. Keeping your roof well-maintained and up-to-date is among the very best things you can do for your home.

Surveying your options for new roof installation

There are a lot of companies out there who perform roofing services, and your first order of business should be to make sure that the companies you’re looking at are fully licensed and insured. The next thing you should look for is experience, proven results, positive reviews from past clients, strong written guarantees, and transparent fee structures/estimates. When all of these factors come together, you are dealing with an upstanding professional who will take your new roof installation as seriously as you do.