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Are Gutter Guards Worth the Investment?

Gutters are a necessity for every home – no matter the shape, size, or design. There are, of course, places in the world where precipitation levels are very low throughout the year; but even in these areas, it’s important to be prepared. Gutters perform the vital function of moving water from the roof into the downspouts, and away from the foundation of the home. Without this function, water will fall directly off the roof and pool around the foundation of the home, leading to severe damages over time. There are many cases where broken or malfunctioning gutters have been responsible for astronomical foundation repair costs, and no homeowner wants to find themselves in this situation.

But gutters do require maintenance and cleaning. This is an inconvenience for many people, even if professionals are available to perform gutter maintenance services. Wouldn’t it be better if gutters simply worked all year round, without those pesky maintenance requirements?

This is where gutter guards come into the picture. The companies who manufacture and install this technology often bill it as a comprehensive solution to gutter maintenance problems. That’s because gutter guards essentially filter out debris and allow only water to pass into the gutter itself. As a result, cleaning is unnecessary.

In reality, though, the effectiveness of gutter guards really depends on the quality of the product, and the skill of the contractor who installs it. For example, some gutter guards are ineffective at blocking small debris, which means that gutters will still get clogged over time. Poor quality installation can also lead to this result.

So is it worth it?

Overall, most homeowners end up paying between $1,000 and $2,000 for gutter guards installed. The cost will depend on the model of gutter guard, the contractor’s installation rates, and the size of the gutter to which guards are being applied.

When you look at what most homeowners would spend every year on gutter cleaning, you come up with a number between $200 and $500 (this would be for a total of two annual cleanings). Using this logic, gutter guards will usually pay for themselves within a period of 2-3 years. Of course, if you’re used to cleaning your own gutters, the advantages translate to less time and fewer cleanings necessary. In most cases, gutters that are protected by guards will still have to be cleaned periodically – once a year is common in most cases.

Overall, some homeowners will simply not find the advantages of gutter guards to be worth the price. For others, it’s an extremely valuable way to protect the home, maximize the lifespan of gutters, and minimize maintenance requirements over the course of the year.

One thing is certain about gutter guards: To get the most out of them, it’s important to do your research and find a skilled contractor to advise you. Many specialists offer gutter guard installation, but not all of them are equally experienced or skilled. Finding a reputable contractor is the first step toward maximizing your investment and optimizing the performance of your gutters.