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Why Autumn is a Great Time for New Windows

There are countless reasons why Autumn is a great time of year. If you live in New Jersey, or another state where the seasons are pronounced, you get beautiful fall colors as the trees change. You also get pleasant, crisp, cool weather — hopefully with plenty of sunshine.

But one thing about Autumn — it seems to disappear quickly. Within the span of a few weeks, the warmth and activity of summer has given way to bare trees, cold winds, and falling snow. Suddenly it’s time to light that furnace and crank up that thermostat. Where did the time go?

There are many projects people commonly undertake around the house to get ready for the approach of winter. Interestingly, a lot of this preparation revolves around windows and doors. In other words, it’s important to keep the home as “air tight” as possible during the winter months.

Why? Because of the energy bills. We all know how expensive it is to keep a house warm during the winter months. But when it’s bitter cold outside, that warmth is beyond important. People are therefore always looking for ways to keep their homes warm for less. One of the ways to do that is to prevent warm air from leaking out of the house, and to prevent that bitter cold air from coming in.

The point is that Autumn is a great time for new windows, even though you might not have considered it before. It’s true that having new windows professionally installed is an investment, but when you consider the energy savings (both this winter and on into the future), you might see it as an investment that’s totally worthwhile.

But if energy savings is high on your list of reasons to install new windows this fall, it’s important to find a professional who understands that, and is willing to give you honest information about the kind of results you can expect. Usually, this will begin with a careful inspection of your existing windows. In some cases, even if the windows are not ideal, you still aren’t losing much heat that way. In other situations, a few small repairs to specific windows might provide you a good result for less. You want a professional who’s going to give you reliable information about your options.

What about curb appeal and aesthetic advantages? These are also reasons to have new windows installed by a qualified pro. Homeowners often don’t realize what a dramatic effect new windows can have on the appearance of the house, especially when you choose a design that best-compliments your home. That’s one of the reasons why new windows are such a popular investment amongst modern homeowners — they provide a highly functional and practical purpose (keeping your home better insulated) while also providing aesthetic benefits that lift your home’s profile, and in some cases can even affect its market value or “buyer appeal” on the market.

Whether your investment in new windows is imminent this fall, or still a long way off, keep in mind the importance of hiring a seasoned, experience professional to give you the best possible results.