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What is the Average Cost of Siding a House?

Siding a house is very crucial for the increase of the value of your home and its curb appeal. The average cost is dependent on many factors such as your taste, preference, and the available budget you have dedicated towards this project. The market has many types of siding that you can consider such as wood, aluminum, and vinyl. These materials come at different costs as they have distinct uses and they vary in size and style. The design and specific location of your house are critical components to consider when estimating the average cost of siding a house. Many factors dictate the cost of the siding and they ought to be considered before inferring and settling for a specific and accurate figure. This article looks at several factors you have to pay attention when trying to estimate the average cost of siding a house.

  • Quality of the Siding
3D Illustration of a house on a white background, with the isolation work path included in the file.

The average cost is highly influenced by the quality of the siding that you opt for. A limited and restricted budget will only get you a poor quality siding. This translates to the acquisition of a siding that is not durable hence susceptible to wear and tear. It will also have minimal aesthetic appeal. A good siding means that you will have to fork out more money. This contrast, therefore, means that the average cost of siding a house cannot be uniform. It is predicated on the quality of the siding and this factor should not be ignored when estimating the overall price.

  • Type of Material Chosen

As noted in the foregoing, this factor is instrumental since materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood all vary in price. Vinyl is cheaper and durable whereas aluminum is deemed cost-effective due to its insulation properties. Wood is ancient and aesthetically pleasing but very costly in the long run due to its high maintenance cost emanating from being prone to rot and insects. Similarly, this means that the average cost of siding must be different based on the material used.

  • Installation Over Old Siding or Removing It Entirely

Installation over the old siding will be cheaper since it will not require a lot of effort. This will highly reduce the cost of labor compared to the work involved in the removal of the aged siding for the installation of the new one. Once more, the average cost varies based on the aforementioned hence all these factors ought to be taken into consideration.

  • The Design and Size of Your House

The design and size of your house are important elements in the approximation of the cost of siding a house. This task requires the involvement of a qualified contractor who ought to measure the size of your house in the form of square footage. To determine the cost, the contractor has to consider the amount of the materials that will be required followed by the addition of the cost of labor and subsequent installation. Large houses will cost more than tiny houses.

  • Timing

If you want to have the siding installed in the peak months of the calendar year, then you must be primed for the same. This is because it will cost you more as the contractors are pre-occupied thus difficult to book in this season. The average cost of siding will be different in case you decide to have the siding installed in the months where the contractors are not quite busy and this will cost you less.

  • Eaves and Turrets

Houses that have turrets and eaves will cost more since more effort will be expended in the installation of the siding under such circumstances.

  • Area or Site

This is important since the average cost of siding varies from one location to another. It will be dependent on whether you live in an upscale area where life is expensive or in a town with a relatively low cost of living.

The Average Cost of Siding a House

Based on the aforementioned factors, many experts have asserted that the average cost is around $5 to $25 per square foot. This is based on the material used, whether it is a new or old house, the accessibility of your home, and the cost of living in your location. The cost of labor is approximately $1 to $5 per square foot.

The average cost of siding a house is therefore dependent on the aforementioned factors. There is no uniform price hence the costs incurred by your neighbor cannot be the same for you.