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What Is The Best Time To Do Chimney Maintenance?

Chimney maintenance involves getting rid of soot, built-up creosote, and blockages from every part of your chimney. This includes the smoke chamber, chimney liner, firebox, and damper. Regular chimney maintenance not only creates a safe environment around the fireplace but also makes it more effective during the cooler months of the year. It is recommended to schedule chimney inspection and maintenance at least once a year to ensure all its components are functioning properly or operating, as they should. This article looks at the optimal time to perform chimney maintenance and why.

Warmer Months – Best Time to Clean the Chimney & Have It Inspected

chimney maintenance performed with a brush
The fireplace is most often used during fall and winter, the cooler months of the year marked by chilly days and freezing nights. For this reason, it is important to do yearly maintenance on your chimney before this time to ensure you get the fireplace experience during winter. Most home experts recommend doing chimney maintenance during warmer months to make your fireplace more efficient right before the cold weather begins. This means that the best times of the year to do chimney maintenance are in Spring or Summer. Since most chimney professionals are often booked in Fall and Winter, you can always start early by scheduling an inspection during the warmer months of the year.

Why it is Important to Do Chimney Maintenance in Spring or Summer

  • Availability of Chimney Sweeps

It is easier to find a chimney sweep who can accommodate your schedule during Spring or Summer. Waiting until fall to hire a professional chimney sweep can be difficult since it is usually their peak season. During this time, many people line up on their appointment list waiting for their chimneys to be cleaned and inspected. Some homeowners only remember to schedule an appointment when they realize that their chimney is not operating at its optimal capacity.

  • Catch Any Problems Early

The problems that occur around the chimney and fireplace can grow from a small issue to a major problem if not addressed in time. Inspecting all parts of your chimney during Summer can help you identify and solve these problems early. Since it is the time when people least use their chimneys, a contractor can easily work on the repairs and provide a long-term care plan for your fireplace and chimney.

  • Prevent Chimney Fires

A chimney fire can ruin your source of comfort during cold days. Having it inspected and cleaned during Summer can prevent it from catching fire caused by creosote buildup. Homeowners who neglect chimney maintenance are at a higher risk of chimney fires that occur during fall or winter. Usually, this is the time when you want to keep warm, which means your chimney will be used frequently than before.

  • Reduce Chimney Odor

Cleaning out any buildup in the chimney can significantly reduce the odor coming from the fireplace during the cold season. It also improves the airflow and overall air quality, thus increasing the efficiency of your chimney. The odor emanating from the chimney after long days or weeks of use is usually caused by excessive buildup of soot, creosote, or any other residue from burning wood in the fireplace.

  • It’s Safer For The Workers

Not many people are crazy enough or willing to work outside in the cold winter weather. Not only is it freezing, but also several things could happen. The tools could become faulty and harder to use due to the cold weather. Walking around the house could be more dangerous especially with the heavy blocks of ice or snow around the work area. Even though professional chimney sweeps can get the job done, it could be risky for anyone who tries to clean the chimney by themselves. The Spring or Summer weather is safer for the workers than in fall or winter.

  • Save on Costs

If you fail to have your chimney cleaned and inspected during the warmer months of the year then you are likely to spend more in terms of labor costs when you hire a chimney sweep during winter. The dangerous working conditions and a long list of clients can cause the labor prices to go up since workers need to be compensated for putting their lives on the line to get the job done.

The best time for you to do chimney maintenance is during Spring or Summer because you can address growing problems early and also save on costs. Although we tend to have a long list of things to do during Spring and Summer, the best you could do to keep your home ready for the cold months is to schedule chimney maintenance before Fall. Not only does it improve the indoor air quality in your home but also increases the efficiency of the chimney.