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What Types Of Windows Are Best For Energy Efficiency?

Windows are a complex part when it comes to a house. Gone are the days where people would install stylish windows just for the sake of it. In the current day, people are inclined to energy-saving windows. Windows that help regulate the temperature of your home. Energy-efficient windows are the best consideration for many homeowners.

With improved technology, many features make windows more efficient. For instance, some features increase durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Windows vary from the type, the type of operation, the installation, and the company where they are manufactured. This article looks at some types of energy-efficient windows.

  • Insulated Windows
Worker installing new wooden windows

Over the years, a single pane of glass was the most known type of window. It was the best in those days. Until the 20th century, that narrative changed. Companies came up with the creative idea of adding another layer of glass to provide extra insulation. The sole purpose of this addition is to lower both the U-factor and solar heat gain to the house.

With time, this type of technology has increased. Not only does it have an added pane of glass, but also an insulating gas separates each glass. For instance, triple-pane windows offer you five layers of installation. That is an extra two more than the dual pane windows and four more than the single pane windows. It helps your windows to be more energy efficient.

  • Low E-Windows

These types of energy-efficient windows focus on the exterior of the window pane. Low E-windows are often described as low emissivity coating panes. They help with boosting thermal performance and help block ultraviolet and infrared light but allows visible light. Infrared lights are known for their association with heat energy.

Since the low E-windows block out the heat, they also help keep the suns heat from entering your home, especially during summer. However, during cold days, this type of window works oppositely. For instance, when it is cold it can reflect heat into your home to help reduce the loss of heat and regulate the warm temperature.

Depending on where you live, the type of low E-window you have matters. This is because different places vary in their climate, and this type of window has different kinds to fit your area’s climate.

  • Energy Star Windows

It is a type of energy-efficient window certified by the government and is based on its performance. Energy star windows have earned the blue energy sticker because of their high energy efficiency.

They are based on climate and geography. So depending on your location and climate, there is an energy star window that fits. For example, a window rated highly in Africa may not work well as in North America. Africa is known for its warm temperature, while North America is known for its cold temperatures.

  • Hinged Windows

Hinged windows were designed purposefully for their ventilation. It is a unique design, that with just a twist or push of hand, the pivot moves outside the hinge. The benefits of this design are a lot. Hinged windows have lower leakage rates. When closing the window, the single sash presses firmly against the window frame, hence no room for leakage. For sliding windows, there are double hung and single hung windows. They both have sashes with a slight overlap.

  • Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are known for their energy efficiency. Unlike the others, fixed windows do not offer any functionality. They are an addition to your home when you do not need to add or buy a ventilator. It also has an airtight design in window combinations and a wall of windows where the design helps prevent large expenses of gaps from feeling drafty.

In addition, choosing the best window type can be daunting. This is especially when you have one goal to achieve, and that is to have energy-efficient windows. It is imperative to consider several factors before settling. For instance, check if the window has any warranty and the design. Also, check for the energy star label before buying one. The star label helps you to distinguish which is good and which one is not.

With the above information, you will not go wrong when choosing the best energy-efficient windows for your home. Windows are an important aspect of a house. Not only for their aesthetics but also for functionality. Remember to do enough research before settling for one. You can also reach out to a window expert for assistance in selecting the best energy-efficient windows for your house.