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Brick Pavers: DIY or Professional Work?

Do you love to get creative with your home? If you are like millions of other homeowners across the United States, the answer is yes. Not only that, but you get more and more excited every year about making new improvements to your property, whether it’s a simple landscaping job or a complete home remodel.

Fortunately, improving your home has never been easier. The amount of information and instructional content out there is absolutely staggering, and more and more products are hitting the market that allow homeowners to undertake projects themselves that they may not have previously been able to handle.

Brick pavers in particular have become more popular in recent years because they added a charming touch the exterior of any property. Sure you could choose to install run-of-the-mill concrete or asphalt, and this will definitely stand the test of time and perform admirably over the years. But does it really represent the charm and style you want for your home’s exterior? The answer to this question — at least for many people — is no. That’s why brick pavers have gained so much steam in recent years.

But with all the new information and products out there, many people are asking another question about brick pavers: Namely, should I do them myself? Do I really need to hire a professional? Will the results be that much different?

It’s difficult to provide an answer to this question without sounding biased. Can it really be said that DIY work will never measure up to a professional effort? If a homeowner puts in the time and effort, and has a meticulous strategy for achieving the results they want, it’s certainly possible that the result will come out looking professional — or very close to it. This assumes that things go “right” in many different ways, however.

The bottom line is that professional work is more reliable and stress-free. For people who want to make a solid investment in brick pavers, and want to be sure they’re getting exactly what they want, hiring a professional is simply the best way to go about the process. It eliminates guesswork and protects you in case of mistakes (assuming the professional is reputable, and guarantees their work in writing). It means you’re getting all the experience, professionalism and skill you could ask for. DIY leaves you with a lot more guesswork and bit more stress in terms of getting the result you want.

If you decide to go the DIY route with your brick paver project, our best advice is to be meticulous in the planning stage of the process. Take in a lot of quality instructional content and choose your materials carefully. Review your plans forward and backward before you actually start the project, in order to prevent mix ups and backtracking.

If you decide to hire a professional, be equally meticulous in your choice of who to hire. There are probably multiple contractors in your area who offer brick paving services, but perhaps only a few of them have what it takes to give you the very best professional results.