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Are Your Gutters Ready for Winter?

For those of us who live in areas with cold winters (such as New Jersey), the approach of the colder months comes with a certain amount of disappointment. Usually, the spring and summer months go by quickly, and we can’t believe the leaves are already falling. We can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about winterization. The car, the yard, the house — many things have to be prepared for the coming frost and snow.

What about the gutters? Yes — those too. It’s one of those details that’s easy enough to overlook when you’re busy clearing out the garden, servicing the furnace, cleaning up the yard, installing new windows, or whatever other maintenance/renovation tasks you’re doing to get ready for winter. But make no mistake — having your gutters in order is important as the snow prepares to fly!

So how (and why) should you get your gutters ready for winter?

Well, the first thing you’ll want to do is clean them. During the autumn months, you might actually have to do this a couple of times, depending on the kind of tree overhang you have, and the quantity of leaves dropped on your roof. The important thing is to keep your gutters functional and clear, and keep the leaves and debris out — because once the snow falls, all of that debris is going to be compacted on your roof and in your gutters. Melting snow will then carry more debris into the gutters, and before you know it, you’ve got a real mess on your hands with spring comes around.

Checking your gutters for leaks and other malfunctions is also an important think to check off the list before the snow flies. You’ll want to catch any problems now, and address them, to avoid them getting worse under the pressing weight of snow, and the drastic temperature changes you’re sure to experience before spring.

It may also be possible to install special snow guards on your gutters to help protect your gutter system during winter, but this depends on the type of gutters you have. A gutter and roofing professional should be able to help you with any maintenance concerns or questions you may have, and conduct any necessary repairs for you. If you need new gutters, you may want to wait until spring to have them installed — but there are still steps you can take to protect your existing gutter system (and your home) from damages as the weather turns colder.

Peace of mind all winter long

Making sure your gutters are in excellent functional condition before winter is a great way to increase your peace of mind during the colder winter months. You know that if the snow on the roof starts to melt during a warmer spell, the water will be properly guided away from the foundation of your home, preventing problems like flooding and mold. You also know that when spring arrives and the snow begins to thaw, all that running water will flush properly through your gutters and away from your home. Contact us if you want it done right!