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Is Your Roof Damaged from the Winter?

The arrival of spring is one of the very best things about living in New Jersey, or another area with four distinct seasons. After a long and chilly winter, often with record-setting blizzards, the snow finally begins to melt and the warm air begins to flow in once again. People fling open their windows, grab a broom, and start the annual spring-cleaning process. There may be some repair work needed as well. Gutters, landscaping features, asphalt – all of these aspects of the home can be affected by the long winter chill.

Damage to the roof is probably the greatest concern of all, in terms of exterior structural damage from the winter. Any aspect of your home’s exterior can be affected by extreme cold, snow and ice. But the roof is particular susceptible.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that accumulated snow on the roof can go through melting and freezing cycles while sitting on the roof, which undoubtedly has an eroding effect on shingles, masonry work and other roofing materials. If you look in your gutters after the spring melt, you’ll often see plenty of grit and sediment that came from the roofing materials themselves.

The other reason – besides moisture in freeze and thaw cycles – is the sheer weight of the snow. Some homeowners take care to have their roofing clearing of snow at various times throughout the winter, in order to alleviate this pressure. But most homeowners don’t both with rooftop snow removal, meaning the weight can continue to build all winter long. As snow continues to fall, the roof can slowly begin to weaken under the pressure. As seasons pass, this can lead to significant damage.

If you can tell by looking at your roof that something is wrong, it’s definitely time to call a roofing contractor to come and have a look. But not being able to see any problem with the naked eye doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong. Most roofing problems start small and build over time, until they get so bad there’s no choice but to address them. In some cases, only the trained eye can spot structural problems in a roof before they progress. And if problems can be rectified early through repairs or correctional maintenance, the chances of further damage down the road are that much less.

Trust your roof to a higher caliber of specialist

The roof of your home is not something you want to entrust to just anybody. This is your most important shield against the elements, and a vital structural component of your home. If the roofing repairs and maintenance aren’t done right, the list of problems could be ongoing. The smart money is on a highly qualified roofer with years of experience, competitive rates, and the best advice to keep your roof in good shape as the seasons past. It may be spring now, but another winter will come. Having a quality roof over your head is always a good thing for a homeowner’s peace of mind.