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How to Tell a Good Roofing Job from a Bad One

Roof repair is probably one of the most expensive projects you can undertake when it comes to home maintenance. The main reason behind this is that the roof protects all other aspects of your home, making it an important part of the house. Despite this, roof maintenance or installation is associated with a lot of shoddy workmanship. It could be because the job is not easily visible by the homeowner, giving contractors an opportunity to do a bad job. If you understand this point, then you need to take it upon yourself to ensure that your contractors do a good job on your roof. You do not want to spend thousands of dollars, only to have a leaking roof or a roof that cannot let you sleep due to the sound it produces when the wind blows over your house. This article gives a few things that you should look out for to evaluate whether your roof is properly installed.

  • The Roof Looks Uniform
a professional master (roofer) with electric screwdriver covers repairs the roof

After the roofing contractors are done working on your roof, you need to take a good look at the way the roof looks. Although this might seem like an obvious thing to do, most people do not do a thorough visual inspection of their roof installation once the project is complete. When analyzing the work done by the roofing contractors, make sure the roof looks uniform throughout. Any unevenness means that you are dealing with a bad roofing job. If the shingles are not uniform or the roofline is sagging, then the roofing job was shoddy.

  • Drip Edge Flashing

The drip edge flashing is one area that bad contractors often mess up when installing your roof. It normally entails the material that a contractor should install at the edge of your roof. The main idea here is to reduce water damage to your house and prevent pest infestations. This addition is necessary when installing roof shingles. However, if you are not experienced in roof installation, you may not know whether the roof has a drip edge or not. Actually, most people only know about the issue once they start noticing leaks.

If your house has a shingle roof, it should be fitted with a drip edge. Look for a metal flashing that fits between the underlayment and shingles. It is an important part of roofing, as it ensures the gutters are working as they should.

  • Proper Flashing is Used

Speaking of flashing, the flashing should be properly installed. Water leaks are the largest cause of damage to a home’s roof and overall structure. This is the main reason a qualified contractor is going to install metal flashing around any areas that might be prone to leaks such as the chimney. The flashing material should not be placed over time but under the roof shingles. It is also good to note that some parts of the roof such as the chimney area might need both step flashing and counter flashing for the best protection.

When a bad roofing job is done, the contractors will try replacing the metal flashing with ineffective caulk or roof cement. Although these sealants might work over the short term, they will not be effective over the long term, especially if you live in areas that experience tough weather conditions. Bad roofers may also try to reuse flashing materials from some old jobs that they did. This is something that you will never experience with a good roofing company.

  • Quality Underlayment

You also have to look at the underlayment and ensure it is properly done. If you do not see the presence of an underlayment, then you are dealing with a bad roofing task. A good contractor should place an underlayment between the shingles and sheathing of your house. The underlayment is another barrier that will help protect your house from water leaks and moisture. Through this, it protects your home’s structure and extends your roof’s life cycle. An underlayment should not be of just any kind because a qualified contractor needs to use a strong synthetic underlayment.

A roof protects your house from the elements. It should therefore be installed in the best way possible to ensure your home gets proper protection. When you hire a roofing company, they can do either a good job or a bad one for you. It is your task to ensure a proper job is done by checking out the mentioned signs of a good roofing job. However, to avoid the hassles of dealing with bad roofers, you might want to take time to hire the best people for the job. Check for reviews of your potential roofing company and ensure they have a good reputation.