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4 Considerations for New Siding

New siding may not be your dream renovation, but it’s one of the most practical and vital upgrades you can possibly undertake. Siding is effectively the “external armor” of your home, protecting it against the elements. It’s also a vital aesthetic component of any home – the “curb appeal” factor of your property will be greatly affected by the type of siding you choose, as well as the skill and professionalism of the installation. If siding upgrades are something that may be in your home’s immediate future, consider these four options:

1. Vinyl

In the past few years, vinyl siding has skyrocketed in popularity. Part of the reason is affordability; vinyl is among the most cost-effective ways to change your siding. It’s also because vinyl siding is easy to install. Many homeowners are choosing to install their own vinyl siding – although the risk of costly mistakes is still there. In the past, there wasn’t a wide variety of styles and textures to choose from. All of that has changed; there is now an abundance of choice when it comes to vinyl siding.

2. Fiber-cement

Some of the most luxurious and desirable types of siding including stucco, wood or brick. But these can be tough to budget for, depending on the size of your home. Fiber-cement is a great choice because it gives a similar look and feel at a fraction of the cost. It’s also very long lasting, with a typical lifespan of 30-50 years and very few maintenance requirements. Like vinyl siding, fiber-cement comes in many different styles. Although it’s possible to paint or finish your own fiber-cement siding, people generally have better results with a factory finish.

3. Stucco

As mentioned, stucco is one of the most coveted types of siding. It’s made out of sand, cement, water and lime. The surface of the home is pre-treated with waterproof and strengthening materials, and the stucco mixture is applied over that. Stucco is commonly used as siding for Spanish and Mediterranean style homes, and is much more common in warm-weather environments. Stucco installation is a delicate business, but when it’s done by a professional, it should last as long as the house!

4. Stone

Stone siding is a matter of taste – but many people really love the classic look and feel of this choice. It’s definitely one of the more expensive siding options, and it’s generally used during the construction of the home (it’s difficult to switch to stone siding as an upgrade). For those who want a similar look without the high price tag, it’s worth looking into stone veneer siding as an alternative.

What’s the most sensible type of siding for your home?

The list of possibilities for your next siding upgrade is actually much longer than this, and within each type of siding, there are countless styles and options to choose from. What will be the best choice for your home? Making contact with a seasoned siding installation professional in your area is one of the best ways to get quality information and make a truly informed decision.