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What to do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

The roof plays a critical role in our homes because it helps protect against the elements like wind, rain, too much sunlight, and snow. When it is well-fitted, it ensures energy efficiency, indoor temperature regulations, and lower utility bills. It is good to note that it is only able to provide these benefits when it is operating optimally. If something is amiss such as a leaky roof, then you are likely to experience many issues. One such problem is structural damage to your property, especially when it is raining. Since you do not want such issues, it makes sense to fix them as soon as possible. This article gives different actions you should take.

Find the Leak

The first thing you need to do is find the source as this will help you take the next steps. You can use different things such as stains on walls and ceilings to guide you through the process of finding where the issue could be.

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You may also look for staining or dripping on rafters. Inspecting the crawlspace or attic can also help reveal the source. Once you find it, then you can take the next steps.

Collect the Water

When you find the source, the next thing is to collect the water from where it is coming from to prevent it from splashing all over and becoming a major mess. You can do this by using towels, buckets, troughs, or other containers. All you need to do is place them beneath the source to catch the drops. In case of any leaks, just get more containers or if the source is huge, then get a bigger container. It is crucial to do this step because it reduces damage to your valuables.

Clear Things from That Area

Speaking of damage, you have to take the needed steps to ensure that this is not an occurrence. Therefore, move any furniture, electronics, and other things of value away from the source. This is quite important because there is no need of having to spend money on repairs or purchasing other things when all you could have done is clear them from that area. Moreover, when things are clear, you can be able to work and solve the problem with great ease.

Patch the Leak

After finding the leak, collecting the water, and clearing things from the source, it is now time to fix the issue. This is something that you can decide to do yourself or call in the experts to help you. If you decide to go the DIY route, you can use roofing tape, roofing cement, or tarp to cover the holes. While doing this step, it is important to prioritize safety, as it can be quite dangerous. Therefore, be sure to get the right gear like gloves, non-slip shoes, and other things that you may find useful like a harness. It is also good to note that the DIY route might only be a temporary solution. Therefore, make sure to do this step as you plan to get the professionals to come in as quickly as possible.

Call in the Experts

Once you have done the temporary repair, it is now time to call in the professionals to do a thorough job so you can be sure that all your roof problems are well handled. The main reason you might want to ask for experts’ help is that roofing issues can be quite complex. Therefore, as a normal homeowner who is not well-versed with such problems, it can be hard to fix everything. However, experts have the needed skills, expertise, equipment, and experience to identify and fix any underlying issues that your roof may have. They are also able to do this safely. This is quite different from what you would do because you are a higher risk of experiencing falls and even cause more damage. Since you want a job well done, just consider entrusting this task to the experts.

A roof serves as the guardian to our dear homes. It is the first line of defense against many things that nature throws to us. It protects the structure and the people underneath. Without it operating optimally, things could get quite messy down there. Since you do not want to deal with any issues, it makes sense to attack a leaky roof as soon as possible. The best thing to do is call in the experts to help you. They have the needed skills, expertise, and experience to do an outstanding for you.