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Schedule Professional Roofing Inspection and Maintenance Before Winter in NJ

Winter is quickly approaching, and it is important to have your home prepared. This is particularly significant for your roof in the NJ area. Be proactive by using a professional roofing service in NJ to thoroughly inspect your roof and perform any required maintenance. Following is a breakdown of why an inspection and maintenance are important and what tasks are performed. Furthermore, what to look for in your professional roofer.

Why is a Roof Inspection Important?

An inspection should be considered a preventative. It can locate potential areas that may cause an issue in the future. This is extremely important before the winter weather hits. Once the winter hits, snow and ice can make repairs more difficult and more expensive. Repairs can save you the large expense of a total roof replacement. According to Home Advisor, the average reported the average cost for a roof replacement in 2015 is $6,580. Most homeowners spent between $4,560-$8,686. Many factors go to the cost, such as, size, pitch, type, application and materials. Which ever range your home falls in could possibly be avoided with a proper inspection.

What Does a Typical Inspection Include?

There are many areas your roof inspector will evaluate. Following, are the typical tasks that take place during the inspection:

  • Evaluate surfacing materials
  • Inspect condition of chimneys and chimney flashing
  • Check for cracked caulk or rust on flashing
  • Evaluate the wear and tear on shingles. This includes, cracking, bulking, blistering and curling.
  • Masses of moss and lichen, which could be signs of decay

Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

As with the roof inspection, roof maintenance can also prevent costly roof replacement. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect this section of maintenance. By the time many roof problems are detected, it has usually caused a large amount of damage. Proper maintenance can potentially prevent some of these situations. It is wise to use a professional to perform your recommended tasks. They are knowledgeable and trained on all maintenance requirements.

What Roof Maintenance is Needed?

There are many different areas of your roof that requires some sort of upkeep. Cleaning your roof regularly should also be considered a form of maintenance. Following, are the general maintenance your roof should receive:

  • Clean any debris from roof, gutters and downspouts
  • Check for breaks and gaps in the seams
  • Tighten any loose brackets
  • Check flashing around vents, exhaust pipes and chimneys
  • Determine if any animal damage has taken place. This could be birds, raccoons, squirrels or chipmunks
  • Determine any insect damage

Just like other parts of your home, your roof requires attention to stay reliable and strong. Roofing inspection and maintenance is crucial prior to the arrival of winter. If you are looking for an experienced company and knowledgeable technicians, contact A1 Everest at 888-399-0955. We offer free estimates and warranties on all of our work.