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Does Every Home Need a Chimney?

A debate has been in the air for quite a while now – whether or not to have a chimney in the house. The discussion below aims at putting this matter to rest by looking at how a chimney benefits you. If you are among the people who have been having a second thought on whether or not to have a chimney, this article will help you make the right decision.

  • Cost Efficiency

Having a chimney in a kitchen is cost-friendly since it saves you money in so many ways that you may have never imagined. The primary purpose of a chimney is to lose smoke and other products of burning wood out of your house. In the process of getting rid of the smoke, cooler fresh air is also directed into the house through the same chimney.

beautiful roof with a new chimney
This reduces the frequent use of the air conditioner thus saving you lots of money with the monthly energy bills. It also keeps your walls and ceiling clean, thus reducing the need for regular repainting, which requires lots of money. With this in mind, you now have a good reason to install a chimney in your house.

  • A Cleaner House

One main reason you should install a chimney in your new house is the removal of the obnoxious smoke produced from the fireplace. Without a chimney, smoke particles, fire embers, and soot would stick to the room and make them not only black but also very unsightly. With time, the soot would combine with humidity, turn into unsightly grease, and stain the walls. Due to this, you would be required to repaint your walls regularly, which is not very friendly to your pockets especially when operating under a budget. Besides, dirty stained walls pose a very bad impression on your reputation when you have friends coming over. A chimney in your kitchen and around the fireplace is the way to go if you want to avoid all these inconveniences.

  • Safer Environment For You and Your Family

During cooking activities like deep-frying, hot gases that comprise of carbon monoxide are produced from your cooktop and the wood burning in your fireplace. At the same time, grease, and soot are produced as by-products of burning wood. Breathing these hot gases, especially carbon monoxide is very risky to your health since they displace the oxygen in the body and this can suffocate and kill you when in high concentrations. Having a chimney in your kitchen and around the fireplace helps gets rid of the hot gases and grease, replacing that with cleaner cooler air.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Some people argue that a brick chimney, for example, is not necessary since they have an electric one, or they rarely use the fireplace. While this cannot be further from the truth, a brick chimney comes with other hidden benefits that you may have never imagined. The material used in making chimneys, especially brick, comes with an aesthetic appeal that you cannot trade for anything. An electric chimney too comes with a sleek stainless steel look and feel that improves the value of your house. It makes the kitchen and the fireplace look classy and elegant, which rewards handsomely when you decide to sell the property.

  • Ensures Durability of Your Kitchen

Most people construct or buy their houses with the hope that it will stand the test of time. Unfortunately, some houses do not last as long for various reasons. One of those many reasons is the heat produced from the cooktop during heavy-duty cooking. Without a chimney, all the hot gases produced would take a toll on your walls and floor tiles and they may not give you enough years of service. This is very evident in the kitchen whose floor tiles do not have a sealant.

As you have seen in the article, you do need a chimney in your house. It has an aesthetic appeal, ensures durability of your kitchen, and ensures a clean-looking house. When you make the decision to get a chimney, it is good to note that they come in all manner of designs and sizes. Unlike the common brick chimneys, we now have electric chimneys that even have sophisticated features like lights and remote control. With a wide array of designs and sizes when buying your chimney, you should first analyze your needs in your kitchen. If elegance and an old look is your style, then the brick chimney is your option. If you are looking to bring in a modern sleek look and feel in your kitchen, then you can go with the electric chimney.