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Situations That Require Roof Repair Service In NJ

Your roof may be the most important element of your home. It protects the entire inside of your house. Anytime there any amount of damage to your roof, it needs to be fixed quickly to avoid major repairs and costs. Following, are many situations that have the potential to cause damage. It is important to contact the right company that can offer you the best roof repair service in NJ.


Weather can affect your roof in many negative ways. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. However, being educated on the effects can assist in limiting damage and repairs.

  • Sun/Heat: The sun’s rays and heat can take a toll on your roof. The material of your roof and age can determine the amount of damage. Asphalt roofs tend to experience the most effects from the sun and heat. Over time, shingles can experience some decay. Decaying shingles can appear deformed or rotted. UVs can cause shingles to dry out and begin to crack. Eventually, shingles can become detached from the surface and fall off completely. It is vital that a roofing contractor comes to your home to repair cracks or damaged shingles to prevent entire roof replacement.
  • Snow, Hail and Ice: This weather is very common in the NJ area and is known to cause serious roof damage. Trapped water on your roof can cause ice dams. Once this water melts it will go down paths that are not meant for moisture, such as, flashings. This can cause interior damage. If you notice any type of damage, call a roof repair professional to avoid complete roof replacement. According to Home Advisor, when ice damage is extensive enough to warrant roof replacement, Americans pay an average of around $6,000 to install a new asphalt roof.

Clogged Gutters

The purpose of gutters is to drain excess water from your roof. If these are clogged or broken, water can enter the eaves causing leaks and mold. It is important to inspect your gutters regularly for leaves or any other debris. 


Many people do not think of animals as a cause of roof damage. In reality, it is a common problem. Woodpeckers and birds and poke holes through shingles. Squirrels and rats cause roof damage when attempting to enter your home. Raccoons tend to chew through shingles in an attempt to create a den in your attic. 


Attics should be properly ventilated to prevent roof damage. According to Angie’s List, the Federal Housing Administration recommends at least 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space, top-rated roofing experts tell our team that many attics are insufficiently or improperly ventilated. Due to this, the high temperatures in the attic can cause damage to your shingles and other materials. In the winter, proper ventilation can decrease the chance of ice damming. 


Your roof is just like a car, requires routine maintenance and prevention for best performance. Anytime you notice a small leak or strange noises from your attic; it is smart to schedule a roof contractor for an inspection. Inspections should be done every 3-5 years. Keep you gutter free of debris. If you have large trees, trim regularly to avoid growth over the roof. Furthermore, as soon as you notice any cracks, warping, missing pieces or splitting, call a professional immediately. Fixing the smaller damage can prevent the expense of a total roof replacement.  

As shown above, there are many situations that can cause roof damage. Some of these are more extreme than others. However, in every situation immediate inspection or repair is beneficial. It is important to use trained professionals to complete any repairs, which you will find at A1 Everlast. If you need more information on roof problems or need to schedule a service inspection, contact us