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What are the Most Common Types of Roof Materials?

Have you up looked at your roof lately? Unless it’s been leaking, or there’s been some other noticeable problem with it, the answer is probably no. The roofs on our houses are supposed to function year after year without much though or intervention from us. It may be necessary to call a roof repair specialist from time to time, if nothing else than to certify that the roof is in good shape with no weak spots or necessary repairs. Also, cleaning the roof (especially in the spring and fall seasons) is important. It keeps the gutter system clear, and extends the lifespan of the roof over time.

But on the whole, the roof is something we prefer not to think much about. Many homeowners don’t even know what materials their roof is actually made of – and perhaps not everybody needs this information. But have you ever wondered what are the most common types of roof materials? Let’s look at some of them here.

1. Shingles

There are actually many different types of shingles, and your results and expectations depend heavily on what type of material your shingles are made of. There are shingles made of wood, asphalt, rubber, slate, stone, and more. Obviously, prices vary considerably.

2. Thatch

This is not at all a common type of roofing in the western world – if you want to talk about common types of roofing on a global scale, thatch is very common. In use for thousands of this, this type of roofing involves tightly woven plant stalks. Many different types of plants are used for thatch roofing, depending on the local environment.

3. Metal

Corrugated steel, copper, coated steel, and other types of metal are also common types of roofing. They offer great durability and strength, and are often used for storage or work structures. Houses don’t typically make use of metal roofing, unless the builder is going for a particular look that might be enhanced by metal roofing.

4. Ceramic tile

It turns out that ceramic tile is good for more than just floors – you can also build a roof out of it! People have been constructing tile roofs for a very long time. They commonly last more than 100 years, and if correctly installed on the right kind of structure, the visual effect is stunning. There were a lot of tile roofs in ancient Rome and Greece, and this type of roofing is still very common today in countries like India and the Netherlands.

Whatever materials you use…

Calling the best roofing expert you can find is always important when dealing with roof repair, roof maintenance, or even full roof replacement. An experienced pro will work with you to realize the best possible repair or maintenance strategy, without pushing anything on you, or leading you to believe that you have no choice but to spend thousands on a new roof. There are many aspects to being a good roofer, and skill/experience are the most important – but honesty and service follow close behind.