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What Type of Surface Should I Use for My Patio?

Whether you live in an area where the weather is warm all year long, or in a state with cold winters and warm summers, having a patio is a huge asset. Of course, there are plenty of patios out there that don’t get used much. Maybe the design wasn’t very good, or maybe the materials (masonry, pavers, etc.) is beginning to deteriorate. But the vast majority of patios get plenty of use. People love to sit outside on a warm summer evening and enjoy the fresh air. We also love to fire up the grill and enjoy the company of family and friends. The patio is a central area for people to gather and enjoy themselves.

When it comes to actually building a patio, it’s important to make sure it’s really done right. That last thing you need is crumbling pavement, even angles, and other problems to come to light soon after your new patio is built. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and having a good contractor on your side will minimize the chances of something going wrong.

That being said, in terms of patio construction, a very important question is what kind of material you’re going to use for the surface. There are a lot of options: Natural stone, natural wood, composite materials, brick pavers, and others. The materials being used to construct patios are changing all the time – yet there are a few timeless styles and materials that have always been associated with stylish and functional patios.

If you’re building an elevated deck, and using that as a patio, you’ll probably choose either natural hardwood or composite materials. If you’re installing an “in-ground” patio, you’ll be looking at concrete, asphalt, natural stone, or brick pavers as your main options.

The first two options – concrete and asphalt – are neat and easy. They also lat a long time. Many people find, however, that these materials lack the character they want for a patio. Natural stone can bring a great deal of class and character to any patio situation – but it comes at a much higher price point.

Brick pavers are such a popular choice because they’re affordable, strong, and they look great. Homeowners don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to install a quality patio made of brick pavers. The patterns, styles and colors available are virtually endless. Some ambitious homeowners choose to install their own brick pavers, while others prefer the guaranteed result of a qualified patio installation specialist.

There are a lot of different contractors out there

Which contractor will give you the best return on your investment? After all, it’s not just about delivering the patio you want. Results are very important, but on top of that, you need a contractor who communicates well, provides impeccable customer service, and finishes the job on schedule. Finding the most reputable and skilled patio construction specialist in your area will make a big different to the overall experience you have, as well as the final result.