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Why Professional Roof Snow Removal Is Essential

When you live in northern New Jersey, winter snow is simply a fact of life. You rely on the city to plow the streets, and you take care of your own driveway with a shovel or a snow blower. What you may not realize is that it’s also important to remove the snow from your roof. Several inches of snow on the roof could spell big problems down the road.

Structural Damage

Snow is surprisingly heavy, especially if it’s the wet kind of snow. Naturally, the roof of your home can withstand a certain amount of weight, but sometimes there’s just too much heavy snow. A roof that has some undiscovered damage to the decking — the large planks that form the basic structure of the roof — is more susceptible to this type of damage. You can’t rely on your eyes to assess the risk, either. For instance, a roof might be able withstand a few feet of light, fluffy snow but cave under a few inches of wet, heavy snow. It’s best to have a roofing company assess your risk and provide roof snow removal.


Icicles might look pretty, but they often cause a lot of damage. Icicles form when the heat from the attic melts the snow on the roof. As the melted snow trickles hits the much colder metal gutters, it re-freezes. Over time, the gutters become clogged with ice and the water starts to drip down and freeze into icicles. While it’s obvious that there’s a danger from icicles breaking off and falling on a person below, they can cause other damage as well. The ice might become so heavy that it pulls the gutters away from the roof. Without drainage, water is more likely to soak into the roof causing rot or mold. When you get rid of the snow on the roof, you won’t have to worry about icicles forming.

Water Damage

The roof protects your home from water, but when the snow sits on the roof for several weeks, there’s a greater chance that the water will seep in and cause damage. If there’s even a small hole in one area, the water can soak into the wood and spread further. Eventually, this could mean costly repairs or even a full roof replacement. While it’s always smart to have your roof periodically inspected for such concerns when the weather is nice, roof snow removal can minimize potential problems.

Why Call Professionals for Roof Snow Removal

Even if you understand that it’s a good idea to remove the snow from your roof, you might be tempted to save some money by taking care of the snow removal yourself. After all, you shovel your own driveway and the roof doesn’t look that much different. However, attempting the job on your own is a big mistake.

Obviously, there’s a safety concern. It’s dangerous enough for an inexperienced homeowner to walk on the roof when the weather is nice, but when you add ice, there’s a greater chance that you’ll slip and fall. Additionally, there’s a chance that you could damage the shingles. Shovels can knock off small parts of the protective asphalt granules that help the roof do its job. Many warranties also have clauses that state that only qualified roofers can make repairs or do maintenance. Attempting snow removal on your own can void the warranty. A professional roofing company knows how to remove the snow without damaging the shingles.

When you have snow on your roof, trust the roofing specialists at A1 Everlast. We’ll come out to your home and safely provide roof snow removal in a timely manner. Call 888-399-0955 to set up an appointment or click here to contact us.


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