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Why Spring is a Great Time to Have Your Chimney Cleaned

“Dusting off the cobwebs” is a common expression, and it’s even more relevant when spring rolls around. The snow and cold temperatures may have kept you inside these past several months, but it’s a different story now. The birds are calling, the warm breezes are blowing, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Whether or not you’re a “hand-on” or DIY homeowner, this is the absolute best time to be outside and enjoying nature.

It’s also the best time to clean out all the excesses and dust balls and stale air of winter. People often shed possessions they don’t need, give their homes a deep cleaning, open all the windows and doors, and let the fresh air flow through. Again, this is one of the true pleasures of being a homeowner in a place that has cold winters.

Here’s another important thing to clean: Your chimney. You’ve been using it to keep extra warm all winter, and even if you haven’t, chimneys get dirty over time. If you have been using, the buildup of soot and grime can be shocking. Eventually, this can deteriorate your chimney and even affect the air quality in your home. A chimney is definitely not something any rational homeowner wants to neglect, in terms of maintenance.

Imagine it: You’re going through all that trouble to clean the cobwebs out of your home, and you forget to call a chimney specialist for a routine sweep? This may not be something you need to do yourself, but it definitely has to be done. Most experts agree that an annual cleaning is a good minimum policy for homeowners with a fireplace.

And spring is the perfect time to do it. You can relax and enjoy your freshly cleaned and lighter home, without having to think about all the black soot and grime built up in your chimney from winters past.

Don’t hire just any contractor

There are probably several options in your area in terms of professional chimney sweeping. However, it’s important to find one that’s certified, licensed, insured, and highly rated on popular review channels. Don’t just hire the first contractor you come across, especially if you’re clicking a paid advertisement. This very well might be a good contractor, but natural search rankings and customer reviews are stronger signs of a highly professional chimney cleaning specialist.

Should I try to clean my own chimney?

No. This is never a good idea, unless you have years of experience in the chimney cleaning and maintenance industry. Chimney cleaning is a highly specialized task that requires the appropriate tools and training. It is inherently dangerous, and can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. So ­– hire a professional for your chimney maintenance needs. You’ll get the added benefit of knowing whether any repairs are necessary. Usually this isn’t the case – but if the contractor feels they can add value to your home and family by notifying you of interior damages that need to be repaired, this information should be backed by rock solid evidence. In other words, finding a trustworthy contractor is the most important first step!