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Are Your Windows Losing Heat?

Depending where in the country you live, one challenge you’ll face every winter is the huge jump in the price of your gas or electric bill. With dropping temperatures comes the need to crank up the heat in order to make your home livable, which sadly can end up costing a fortune. What’s the number one thing you can do to save energy (and thus money) when it comes to heating your home? Make sure your windows are in tip-top shape!

Old, damaged, or improperly installed windows can cause tons of heat to escape from your home. That is heat that you’re paying to produce, but that isn’t making your house any warmer. It’s about time to put this problem to an end.

Replacing Your Windows

The average American home loses about 30% of its heating and cooling energy to leaky windows and doors. That’s almost a third of your monthly heat or air conditioning bill! If your windows are more than 20 years old, chances are they are single pane glass, without any sort of special insulation properties. If your home is old, it’s also highly likely that there may be cracks or leaks where your panes are attached to your window frames which could cause additional heat loss. A window repair and installation specialist will be able to recommend the best windows for your home and help you get the best price for them as well.

Repairing Your Windows

Just because your windows were installed within the last ten years doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to be in perfect condition. Like any part of your home, windows endure wear and tear over time and can benefit from being resealed or repaired. It can also occur that wooden window frames warp or shift slightly with continued temperature fluctuations or exposure to moisture. Even the tiniest shift can cause your window to shut improperly, allowing drafts to enter your home.

If you feel a draft near your window, that is an obvious indicator that you have a leak, but sometimes leaks are imperceptible by touch but still exist. If in doubt, or if you just want to be sure, it’s a good idea to have a window repair specialist come check your windows. A certified specialist will be able to measure your heat loss trouble areas, and suggest the best means of repair.

Finding a Qualified Window Installation and Repair Specialist

Whether you have newer windows that you suspect may have gaps or drafts, or older windows that you’d like to replace altogether, calling a window installation and repair specialist is your best option for getting high quality service. An experienced and reputable specialist will be able to assess the current state of your windows and make recommendations on the best replacement panes to keep your house well insulated and your energy bills down. In choosing the best specialist, shop around online to find one that is commended for his or her high quality work and reasonable price. Chances are, this home upgrade will practically pay for itself once you see how much money you’ll save on your energy bills this winter.