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How Long Do Wooden Window Frames Last?

Windows make up an important part of the house because they are tasked with providing lighting and protecting your home from harmful elements. In short, windows make your stay at home a great experience. Apart from metal, another common material used to make window frames is wood. Wooden frames offer a classic appeal to your home. The only issue with this material is that it requires a lot of proactive maintenance to keep it in quality condition. This article gives information regarding the length of time a wooden window frame can stand.

How Long Should a Wooden Window Frame Last?

A good wooden window frame should last for 10 to 20 years, as long as you provide it with frequent upkeep and maintenance. Experts state that some frames can even last 30 or more years. However, this can only happen with proper maintenance. This is because, once you neglect the frames, they can become damaged, requiring replacement before their time is due.

Woman sitting on brown wooden window frame

Factors That Affect How Long Your Wooden Windows Last

When you decide to install wooden windows, you want to ensure that they can last for as long as possible. Lucky for you, the information you get in this article will help you not leave anything to chance. While new timber frames are quite durable and made to last, you can do a few things to improve their lifespan.

Something as simple as altering the design that you install can make a great difference. For instance, the location of your window plays a major role. If your window is located in an area that usually faces the sun and it does not have a cover, the frame will be exposed to the elements. Rain and wind are some elements that can wear it down, meaning you have to replace your wooden frame a lot sooner than you thought. To avoid such a scenario, you need to be selective about where to fit your windows.

Another factor that determines whether your window frames will last is the way they were installed. Ensuring you use a good installer not only boosts your window’s lifespan but will also save you money in the long term.

How to Maintain Wooden Window Frames to Make Them Last Long

To ensure that your wooden window frames last long, you have to do a few things. Frequent maintenance is something that you should not dread doing if you want your frames to last. In fact, the latest frames are coming with some additions that make it easier to maintain them. You do not need to invest in any kind of special things to keep your windows in great condition.

All you require is a bucket of water, some detergent, sandpaper, and maybe some paint to refresh the window frames and improve their lifespan. Start by cleaning the window frames using some detergent to remove any dust or debris and then inspect them closely. If you happen to notice some gaps or cracks, then you can work towards refilling them. Also, be sure to clean any mold and mildew that might start growing on the frames.

Sand the frames down to remove any tough debris and use a wood filler to fill in the spaces. As you do this, make sure you do not lose any heat from your living area. You can also repaint the frames to give them a new look and style that will impress you and any guests that you have around. The painting does not have to be complicated, as you can do it using natural wood-stain paint or oil-based enamel. Afterward, apply a thin layer then let it dry. You can apply another layer of bold color over the frame and you will achieve a good-looking window frame that looks as good as new.

Reasons to Get the Right Wood for Your Window Frame

For a wooden frame to last long, you need to ensure that it is made out of the right quality of wood. A good wooden frame should be weatherproof so it does not wear down quickly. Therefore, you should not compromise on quality. In fact, the latest wooden frames come with modern glazing to help them last longer.

A good wooden frame should last for 1-2 decades, as long as you take care of it. Before installing a wooden frame, you need to ensure that what you will be installing is of high quality. After the installation, make it a habit to regularly clean and check on the frames to ensure they are in optimal operation. This is the only way that you will achieve lasting window frames.