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3 Professional Masonry Options You Didn’t Know About

Masonry is everywhere, and has been for a long time. It’s one of the earliest known forms of construction, yet the passage of time hasn’t made it any less relevant. In fact, quality masonry is more important today than ever. It’s an incredible way to build strong and sturdy structures, and in many settings, it’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing options out there.

Most people think of simple brick walls when they think of masonry, and of course, this is a very important aspect of the trade. But there are other masonry options you might not know about. Here are four examples:

1. Masonry pavers

Also knows as ‘brick pavers’ or ‘Belgian blocks,’ masonry pavers are exactly what they sound like: pavement made of masonry work. Would would anybody choose this method of pavement when they could choose a cheaper and more universal method, namely asphalt or concrete? The answer is not only style, but longevity. Masonry pavers have been used since time immemorial for paving roads and walkways.

2. Cultured stones

Cultured stone, also need as cultured veneer stone or manufactured stone, is essentially a combination of cement and other ingredients. This are poured into a specific mold, and tinted to resemble natural stone. The effect is stunningly natural in appearance, and the configurations and designs are endless. Cultured stone is a great option if you want durability and unparalleled aesthetic value; and it can be used for both exteriors and interiors of homes.

3. Fireplace installation

People often assume that because their current home does not contain a fireplace, it not be economically or technically feasible to add one. This is not the case! Fireplace installation may not be the easiest task in the world, but it’s definitely an option – especially when a knowledgeable contractor is leading the operation. If you’ve never considered installing a fireplace in your home, but you’re interested in finding out more, contact a masonry specialist in your area to hear about costs and specific options. You might be surprised by what you learn – and you might find yourself sitting in front of a crackling fire on a cold winter night before you know it!

Does your masonry specialist have what it takes to produce superior results?

There are an awful lot of contractors out there offering masonry services to the public. Some of them are highly skilled and reputable. Others leave a lot to be desired. A few many not even be technically qualified to handle professional masonry work. So how to you sort through all these options?

Finding a mason who consistently delivers superior results may require some research. It may require a few phone calls, e-mails, and some dedicated reading of customer reviews. But this effort will pay off when you settle on a dependable and expert mason who delivers beautiful and strong masonry work that is guaranteed in writing. Masonry work has been around a long time, but it’s still evolving – that’s part of what makes it such a timeless option.