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Category: Masonry

wall shear building masonry

What is the Masonry Shear Wall Buildings?

The strength of this type of structure comes from these vertical columns, which can withstand lateral pressure against them, but not horizontal forces. Masonry buildings have been around for centuries providing a robust form of building without requiring expensive long-span trusses. Masonry shear wall buildings are designed to withstand seismic activity by using reinforced concrete…

Close up of industrial bricklayer installing bricks on construction site

What Is Reinforced Masonry Construction?

However, since its inception, it has never been a mainstream idea as it is often overlooked and unknown to many. In previous years, it has gained traction and has grown significantly. This has been attained through a different approach with relatively new construction designs, methods and procedures. This is premised on the evolution of the…

new stone masonry walls

What are the Total Types of Stone Masonry?

The stone selection for the work depends on stone availability and the benefits of the structure. Common stones used for this kind of construction include marble, granite, limestone, and many more. Mortar Mortar is the binding material used in stone masonry. Lime and cement combined with water and sand help form the masonry mortar. Factors…