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3 Reasons to Use Gutter Guards for Your Property

If you’re a homeowner, you’re constantly on the lookout for smart solutions to nagging problems. Gutters are a perfect example. How many times have you spend the whole afternoon cleaning your gutters, especially after a long and cold winter, or during the autumn months when leaves and debris are everywhere? And how many times have you paid to have your gutters repaired, our downright replaced? These are very common scenarios, and you may have wondered if there is a way to prevent them.

Gutter guards are the answer you’ve been looking for. The easiest way to think of gutter guards is to think of a sturdy mesh screen or filler that covers or fills your gutters. It could be a metal mesh screen that fits over the top of the gutters, or it could be a foam or brush solution that actually sits inside the gutters. The idea with all of these solutions is to allow water to flow into the gutters themselves, while keeping the rest of the stuff out.

1. Cleaning your gutters with less frequency

Anybody who has ever climbed a ladder to clean the gutters understands how dangerous this scenario can actually be. That’s why many homeowners call on professionals to do the job for them. But there’s a way to reduce the frequency with which gutter cleaning is necessary. Gutter guards are specifically designed to prevent leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris from accumulating in your gutters and preventing them from functioning normally. Quality gutters guards mean less cleaning!

2. Protecting the integrity of your home

When debris builds up in your gutters, water can’t escape properly. From here, it can be a runaway effect of mold, pests, decaying matter, and even allergens. The longer the problem goes unsolved, the greater the potential consequences. Gutter guards are a fantastic way to stop these problems before they start and protect the integrity of your home.

3. A longer lifespan for your gutters

Gutters typically break down due to excess weight and buildup over time – especially in areas like New Jersey, where the changing seasons can wreak havoc on roofing and gutter systems. By installing a system that keeps the water flowing freely, your gutter system never has to deal with all that weight and pressure. The result is a longer-lasting gutter system, and a lower expenditure over the long term.

Who to call for advice on gutter guards

When it comes to gutter guards, the best specialist are often those contractors who are highly specialized in gutter installation and repair, as well as other areas like roofing and chimney work. Such specialists have a comprehensive understanding of the various problems and solutions faced by homeowners, and are in a better position to dispense solid advice on whether or not gutter guards are a good investment, and if so, what type of gutter guards will offer the best protection in a given scenario. Seek out those contractors with high review scores and established reputations for the best results. Good luck!