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The Case for Installing New Windows in Your Home

As a homeowner, when was the last time you wished you had more decisions to make? When was the last time you craved a longer list of things to do? Chances are, your “to do” list has been steadily growing since the day you closed on the house. That’s just the nature of owning a home. There’s always something to think about, always some aspect of the home that could be improved.

The question is, how do you prioritize the list? You might need new siding in the next few years, for example – or you might be thinking about converting that attic into a bedroom. You might have considered a renovated bathroom or kitchen. You may even be thinking about an add-on.

Windows are another item that often appear on the list – but they’re probably not at the top. That’s because windows are generally perceived as being expensive, with a relatively low “excitement level” in terms of home renovation investments.

However, it’s worth remembering that windows are a vital aspect of the home, and not just because of the way they look. Appearances do matter, and new windows can make a shocking difference to both the internal and external appearance of your home. But there’s also the question of energy savings. There are an awful lot of homeowners out there losing an awful lot of energy through their windows – that is, heating and cooling energy. During the winter, when your furnace is working hard to keep the house warm, those old windows could be leaking heat to the great outdoors. During the summer, when temperatures are sweltering, precious cooled air could be leaking out through old or poorly sealed windows – while hot and humid hair creeps in.

Both of these scenarios force your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. The result? Higher monthly energy bills, and a shorter overall lifespan for the appliances (furnace, air conditioner, ventilator) in your HVAC system.

All of this information adds up to one simple fact: Even if there are a lot of items on your homeowner’s “to do” list, new windows are worth serious consideration. They come with practical and aesthetic benefits, and they also increase the market value and buyer appeal of your home.

But who should you trust for new window installation? What should you look for in a contractor?

The answer to this question really depends on where you life. Here in New Jersey, the changing seasons needs to be taken into account. Drastic weather changes (from cold winters to searing hot summers), flooding, storms – these are all realities in the Garden State. Specific installation techniques must be undertaken in order to ensure the most effective seal against the elements. That’s why homeowners looking to invest in new windows should only approach seasoned, reputable window specialists with proven track records of success.

Windows may be an inconvenient item on your “to do” list, but the functional benefits are undeniable – and you’ll be surprised by the aesthetic difference as well. Good luck!