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Category: Chimney Repair

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Is Chimney Repair Covered By Home Insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, most insurance companies label chimney fires as unexpected or sudden events. This means that if your fireplace caused an unexpected chimney fire then your homeowners’ insurance will probably take care of the damage. However, if the fire was a result of poor maintenance or negligence, then your insurer will not cover…

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Chimney Damage: To Repair or Rebuild?

A rebuild can be necessitated by the existence of certain structural issues, which cannot be salvaged through a repair. Some irredeemable chimney conditions may include a ruined chimney foundation and a destroyed exterior that is beyond repair. A rebuild can aid to remedy such issues that could have been occasioned by poor masonry and a…

Old cracked chimney on an old roof

What Causes Cracks in a Chimney?

Moisture is very lethal as it is responsible for most of the well-known chimney issues. A chimney crown and a mortar are purposefully meant to curb moisture from penetrating the masonry. Whenever the roof is constructed carelessly and without proper adherence to guidelines, water might start entering into the chimney. This makes it prudent to…