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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Window Replacement?

Windows are very delicate thus; window replacement after some possible breakage is inevitable. Replacing a window is a very expensive affair depending on the size of the window. The question therefore lies, can a homeowner’s insurance cover window replacement or should you proceed to pay for the replacement directly from your pocket?

This depends on several factors. It entails the determination of who caused that destruction or how that damage occurred. This article looks at whether homeowners insurance covers window replacement, and if so, the different factors that need to be considered.

The Insurance Policy or Plan

This simply involves the two main types of policies, which are the all-risk policy and the named peril policy. It is very vital for you to be fully aware about the kind of policy that you have and the extent to which it can cover any possible damage in your home.

These two types of policies clearly depict the extent to which your policy can cover you. The named peril policy is applied restrictively. It is only limited to the scenarios clearly outlined in the distinct policy. Any instance not highlighted in the policy will not be catered for. Only the cases mentioned in the policy will be paid for including tempest, fire and other acts of God such as wind.

Despite this, the all-risk policy is very expansive and it includes many varying kinds of risks unless they are not categorically provided for in this kind of policy. It is therefore clear that the all-risk policy is much more preferable since the named peril policy does not operate within a wide scope.

Therefore, it is important for you to decipher and determine the specific policy that is covered by the insurance. This eliminates the possibility of your window being irreplaceable thus implying that it will not be catered for by your homeowners insurance.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether Homeowners Insurance Covers Window Damage

  • Window Damage From Natural Causes

As aforementioned, it is relatively guaranteed that your insurance will cover for the window damage spawning from natural causes such as fire, tempest, winds, storms or even any possible floods. This is dependent on the fact that the damage caused on the window was not intentional and thus outside your control, making it unpreventable.

  • Unexpected Human Generated Accidents and Theft

This will also be catered for by the homeowners insurance as long as another person caused the destruction thus it was out of your control. An example would entail an accident arising from a vehicle that spiraled out of control and hit your window. This will be adequately covered by the insurance.

Instances Where Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Window Replacement

It is important to understand different instances where homeowners insurance does not cover window replacement. They include:

  • Negligence

The insurance shall not cover for anything related to personal damage or even negligence. This shall necessitate the payment for the window replacement directly from your own money. Another example is where a tree adjacent to your house probably falls on your window and causes damage. The insurance will not cover for that hence similarly, you will be required to pay for that replacement.

  • Maintenance

The insurance shall not be held liable to cover for any costs pertaining to maintenance. This simply refers to any issues relating to the wear and tear that would create the need for a window replacement.

What is the total cost that will be incurred to replace the Window?

The cost of replacing the window will have a direct relationship to deductibles. Deductibles dictate whether the replacement shall be covered by the insurance. The insurance will cater for the costs where the replacement costs exceed the total amount that has been set as the deductible. However, where the amount set as the deductible shall exceed the total costs of replacement, then the insurance will not pay and you will have to cater for the total window replacement costs.

It is important for you to realize the kind of instances that will be covered by your insurance. The cause of the damage is also vital in the determination of whether the insurance will exclusively pay for the window replacement. It is good to reiterate that the all-risk policy will cover for the damage emanating from a wide array of issues and the named peril policy shall only cover the limited and specified risks. This information should help you make a good decision before opting for any sort of homeowner insurance.

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